At Irene Residence, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe and part of something bigger than themselves while also cultivating a growth mindset. By providing Ireners with the opportunity to engage in various committees and activities, each individual can develop their unique skills and explore their interests. Our committees and managerial opportunities include:

  • Critical Engagement Committee

Vision: To create a platform for social education, through having social discussions and sharing experiences, in order to create social awareness and an improved understanding of social realities.

  • Media & Marketing Committee

Vision: The aim of this committee is to reflect the values of Irene to the outside world and to create an online space that makes people feel warm and welcome. The vision for this comm is also to create a space where people can be creative and create things they feel proud of.
  • Leadership and Personal Development Committee

Vision: To cultivate and celebrate a spirit of leadership in Irene while equipping positional and non- positional leaders with skills that are necessary to enter different leadership environments with intention of growth
  • Social Impact Committee

Vision: to provide a support structure for Ireners during times of financial need, and to reach out and make a positive impact in the broader community in material ways.

  • Womxn Empowerment Committee

Vision: Cultivating a space where we can change the way the world perceives the strength of womxn by providing them the space to see their worth and live their lives to their fullest potential while learning from everyone’s lived experiences.

  • Community Building Committee 

The vision for this community is to create a welcoming space in Irene where it is easy to build new relationships. The committee consists out of at least one Irener from each section. The committee organises section orientated activities and events during which one can get to know those in your section on a deeper level. Such activities include:

  • Sustainability Committee

Vision: To create awareness in Irene regarding sustainability and encourage each Irener tocontribute and participate. The Committee will help improve Irene’s electricity and water usage as well as the recycling in Irene. We will put up posters, plant trees, clean up rivers or beaches and participate in Earth Week and important dates.

  • Welcoming Committee

This committee is responsible for facilitating the entire Welcoming period. More specifically their responsibilities include arranging newcomer events, designing Welcoming merchandise, constructing the welcoming booklet and organizing other newcomer activities.
  • Spirituality Committee

Vision: To provide a safe platform and space for all Ireners to embrace, explore and share their spiritual beliefs and practices with other fellow Ireners.

  • Clothing Committee

Vision: To facilitate a space in which creative Ireners can utilize their artistic talents, while forming part of a committee that is focused on building a greater sense of unity in the House. The heart behind every piece of merchandise is to ignite the pride for our Residence in every Irener, and to boldly visualise the name of our Home.

  • Dance Committee

    Vision: To create an environment where the committee members can utilize their creativity and planning skills to host the dances in order to create unity within the house and build intentional relationships within the committee and at the events. The vision is for Irene dances would be to create an event that is inclusive regarding finances, music and food.

  • Irene Week Committee

Vision: The aim of this committee is to have events that make people feel proud of Irene and that helps build community within Irene. My vision for this committee is that people will make new friends, cultivate pride for the house and step out of their comfort zone to be part of something bigger than themselves, through the events we create.

  • Connect Productions Committee

Vision: To give the Newcomers the absolute best experience with Connect (Vensters). For connect to be a successful event in which we form relationships, work well together and do the best we can.

  • Gender & Sexuality Alliance Committee

Vision: To create an environment where all identities are understood and accommodated, in order to create a space where everyone feels free to be themselves and their identities are affirmed.

  • Debating committee

  • Celebration of cultures committee

  • Kitchen communication manager

  • Big Sib Lil Sib committee

  • Stay in Weekend committee

  • Interior Operational committee

  • CU (Gees) Committee

  • Sports Managers

  • First Aid (safety) committee

  • Technical assistants

  • Care Committee

  • Magazine committee (design & writing)

  • Alumni Committee

  • Culture events committee

  • Molassesêr committee

  • Palêsa Festival committee

  • Derby Committee

  • Acapella managers