Irene’s 14 mentors are responsible for the newcomers’ transition from school to university, in terms of their academic welfare, social well-being etc. Mentors are senior residents chosen from different areas of study to help newcomers register, find their classes, manage their schedules and lead a balanced life.

Mentors assist newcomers in the following ways:

  1. Administration – Newcomers are guided through registration processes during welcoming & late placements.
  2. Mentor Sessions – Each newcomer is assigned to a mentor, forming small mentor groups of between 6 and 9 Ireners. These mentor groups meet throughout the welcoming period until classes start, as well as on a regular basis during the remainder of the year. 
  3. Academic guidance – Newcomers have the opportunity to reach out to their mentor and mentor group (who usually study the same degree/faculty) anytime during the year if they need help or tips with regards to modules, tests or projects.

“Be-Well” is a Student Wellness Project that forms part of the wider campus mentoring programme. It focuses on six dimensions – Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual and Occupational – which together provide extensive holistic support to newcomers. Research has shown that “Wellness can be linked to flourishing in life”, and for this reason, Irene has adopted this successful programme.

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