Established in 1918, the Faculty of Education is one of the first faculties of the University of Stellenbosch and is the oldest education faculty in South Africa. The Faculty is characterised by its significant research profile, its focus on education beyond the school environment and its interdisciplinary approach to education. 

Do I need to write the National Benchmark Test (NBT) to be selected for the programme.

Although the NBTs are usually a prerequisite, students applying to the Faculty of Education for the BEd 2023-intake do not need to write the NBT to be considered for the programmes.

Are there any bursary opportunities for Undergraduate students?

Yes. Undergraduate and PGCE students can apply to NSFAS and Funza Lushaka Bursaries. 

How much does it cost to study BEd?

For provisional study fees, go here.

What is the difference between the Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase Programmes?

Upon completion, the Foundation Phase programme allows you to teach grade R-3, while the Intermediate Phase will enable you to teach grade 4-7.

Can the PGCE be completed part-time?

Unfortunately not. Our University only offers a full-time programme.

Do I get to choose a school for practical teaching?

From years 1-3, students choose the school where they do observation and their practical teaching. In the fourth year, this decision is made by the University.

Where can I see the timetable for the respective courses?

Timetables are only available once students are registered. For more detailed information, contact the programme coordinator.

Is there a PGCE programme for the Foundation Phase?

No, only for Further Education and Training (FET).

Can I switch programmes (between GF and IF)?

Yes, but only if there is space available. Such changes may only take place after the first year of study.

How does selection take place?

The selection criteria are applied, and students are selected on merit.

How many students do the Faculty select for the BEd programme?

250 students are accepted (125 for GF and 125 for IF).

Can I link my cell phone to the University Internet?

Yes. You can link up to 5 devices to your account.

Are there computers and printers available for the BEd students?

Yes. The Faculty of Education’s computer user area, EduHUMARGA, is situated on the ground floor of the faculty building. Students can also use the computer user area, HUMARGA, next door in the Arts and Social Sciences building. The SU Library (J.S. Gericke) and the Education Library also have computers and printers available to students.