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Societies Council Stellenbosch Campus


The Societies Council provides a platform for society interaction and the resources necessary for societies to fulfil their functions, further the Council coordinates and provides structure to student societies to ensure their success. Societies are vital to the enhanced student experience and contribute immensely to the lives of many students, providing them with a place to fit in, support, career guidance, recreational development, and much more.



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What is the function of the Societies Council?

The Societies Council is a student run organization that represents all registered societies on Stellenbosch campus. There are 5 main categories which the societies fall under namely:

  • Social impact
  • Cultural, Hobby and Sport
  • Religious and Spiritual
  • Academics
  • Nationality and Political
Is there membership/subscription fee to be a part of the Societies Council?

Each individual society has their own registration fee that will be charged to a student, student account should a student decide to join a society. 

Can I join more than one society?

Yes, students are allowed to join as many societies as they like but will be charged the registration fee for each individual society that they choose to join. 

When I am enrolled at the University as a first year, am I eligible to run for the SC?

The SC is made up of all the chairpersons of the different societies registered with the SC. Therefore, you will need to be part of a registered society to be eligible to run for the Societies Council.

Who can I contact to get more information about the Societies Council?

You can contact the TSC Chairperson via email at or