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Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council (TAAC)


The Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council represents the academic interests of undergraduate students on the Tygerberg Campus and provides the link between faculty and students. Each undergraduate class elects a class representative and vice class representative to sit on the TAAC committee. Each class representative and vice class representative reports to their programme representative who functions as the head class representative for their programme.


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What is the Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council?

The Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council is a committee made up of class representatives. We represent the academic needs of all students on the Tygerberg Campus. 

How do I ask the Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council for help?

If you need assistance from the TAAC, you can ask your class representative. They are the official TAAC representative in your class. Any and all academic questions can be sent to your class representative. 

How can the Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council help me?

If you have a problem with a timetable, examinations, scheduling of lectures, missing content on SUNLearn, or anything related to your modules and your academic programme – your class representative will help you. If he/she cannot help you, he/she will ask the rest of the TAAC for help. 

Who do I go to when I need help with the academic content we covered in class?

Email your lecturer directly. You do not have to involve your class representative in this matter.

How does the TAAC differ from the Tygerberg Student Representative Council (TSR)?

The TSR handles all matters that are NOT academic. The TAAC ONLY handles academic-related matters. 

How are the class representatives chosen?

At the beginning of the first year (and at the end of every year thereafter) a nomination and election process is carried out to choose the new class representative and vice-class representative for the new year. If you want to be a class representative, you must nominate yourself, or ask someone else to nominate you, when elections open. 

What will the TAAC do for me, if I have an academic problem?

How we help will depend on what you ask, but we can:

  1. Provide you with advice on who to speak to in faculty.
  2. Actively escalate and investigate your matter with faculty. 
  3. Schedule meetings with role players to discuss the issue.