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Mar 18

Wits reef gold

This is an example of Wits Reef Gold – the CT slice images with different contrast settings show the location of gold particles shown in red within quartz conglomerate. Also see a 3D rotation movie of the sample made semi-transparent, click here:  Wits reef gold 

Mar 11

Limited edition 3D replica of the inside of a bird mummy: place your order now

We are now taking orders for a Limited Edition 3D replica of the inside of a bird mummy. The model is shown below in an image and animation. The actual replica is 3D printed in a polymer plastic material (white). It contains amazing detail down to 100 microns and comes with a booklet explaining the …

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Feb 22

STL file from a sculpture

For animation click here: cheetah

Feb 18

An example for the entomologists

This is a wasp found in Stellenbosch and sprayed with industrial insect spray. It seems there are dense particles all over the surface of the wasp, which could be due to the insect spray. Click here for the semi-transparent rotation movie: wasp rotation  

Feb 05

Newsletter Jan Feb 2013

Click here for PDF version of our email newsletter: CT News Issue 1_final

Jan 31

CT Conference: Imaging with Radiation

The first South African national CT conference is planned for September this year! It is collaboratively organized by the 3 NRF-funded CT scan facilities in South Africa, with the first one this year being hosted by NECSA, near Pretoria. This is an awesome opportunity for students, researchers and commercial users of CT technology to share …

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Jan 28

New service: 3D Fingerprinting of precious stones

In this new service, we offer a full microCT scan of precious stones, at a resolution determined by the size of the stone. The full 3D data can be used to 100% accurately determine a precious stone’s identity, for example to identify a stone after recovery from theft. The service includes a report and full …

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Jan 28

Technology for sport: demonstration of CT scans for crack detection in arrow and bow for archery

In this example, a cracked arrow and cracked bow were scanned as a demonstration of this technology for archery. The idea is that used equipment can be scanned to confirm the lack of internal cracks or defects. This improves the performance of the sports equipment and in the case of archery will result in less accidents. These …

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Jan 28

Composite wind turbine blade

This wind turbine blade is seen in a semi-transparent animation, showing a lead weight near the tip of the blade for improved mass distribution. rotate semitransparent 1  

Jan 28

Example CT Report: Non-destructive testing of various components for cracks, porosity and inclusions

NASA test report_CT1301   This report includes results from tests of various mechanical components, and aims to show the type of results from CT scans. The report format is standard for all work.