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Jan 09

Paper with thin coating

To see rotation animation click here: Paper coating rotation To see clipping animation click here: Clipping paper coating 3D image:

Dec 07

Laser weld

This example is of a laser weld in aluminium, imaging the porosity in 3D in blue Rotation of laser welds in aluminium

Nov 16

Resin pocket visualization inside Wood

resin pocket ANIMATION

Nov 14


Welcome to the CT Scanner Blogsite! Have a look around at our work, a good place to start is the CT Services Page. Feel free to comment and share, in order to make the most of this powerful technology

Nov 14

Wood science project

ANIMATION: wood stack vertical rotation2  

Nov 14

High resolution scan of a piece of wood on a glass rod

Wood high res clipping ANIMATION  

Nov 14

Vine graft less dense material

ANIMATION: CLICK HERE –> Vine graft rotation

Nov 14

Maize kernel

Maize kernel rotate

Nov 14


Lizzard rotate

Nov 14

Wine cork