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Jul 26

Moth Larva high resolution scan

This is a nice example from a student project, showing what can be imaged at high resolution with our system. In this case, the sample was roughly 5 mm long by 1.5 mm diameter.

Jul 26

Pine cone analysis

This is a nice example of imaging a pine cone for a research project in Forestry 3D Movie: rotate Slice image:

Jul 08

Porosity visualization

Porosity 3D visualization and quantification is made possible with good scan quality coupled with special software. This allows colour coding of voids (largest in red, smallest in blue) and even providing full porosity data such as void size distribution in the form of a histogram. See below an image from a tensile specimen with total …

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May 30

Looking into grapes

This is an interesting example of the 3D nondestructive analysis of grapes for a research project. I will leave the images and animations to do the talking. Animation of a grape with some surface bruising: contact 3d animation 2 Animation of a “chocolate berry” grape: chcoclate movie    

May 28

Wood products: quality problem solved by 3D imaging

In this example, a section of a commercial wood product was scanned to try and determine the underlying reason for surface cracks that were observed. Besides helping to answer this question (it was one of the types of wood that cracks probably due to drying), it was additionally found that wood used contains channels caused …

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May 20

Aluminium fan for reverse engineering

This small aluminium fan / blade was scanned to get a surface extraction for reverse engineering purposes. The images show the scan quality, which transfer into the STL files and which can then be manipulated further in CAD software. Click here for animations: clipping fan movie   clipping fan movie 2  

May 09

Stone age tool

This scan shows the details of a stone age cutting tool from the West coast of South Africa, we provide here images, a rotation movie and a STL file is available which can be used on any CAD 3D viewing software. CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE FILE: rotate the tool

Apr 18

Brochure for the manufacturing industry

Please see our latest brochure aimed at the manufacturing sector: CT technology is very useful for the analysis of metal castings and also works well for plastic components to check for porosity, defects, and check if certain component walls are thick enough or within design tolerances. Besides defect detection, CAD to part comparisons can be done …

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Mar 27

Damascus steel knives

The age old art of Damascus steel knife making is still practiced today, this specialized method is used to create beautiful patterned steel by folding the steel during the forging process. Learn more about this art at these links: Wikipedia: Modern Damascus steel knife making video: Cheaper imitations are also available and use …

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Mar 27

Micro-CT scanning of electronics

A South African electronics manufacturer scanned a couple of objects as a proof of concept at our facility. Some of the resulting images are shown below, with some animations also. These show, amongst other things – the sphericity of balls in ball grid arrays (in a board with varios BGAs), the contact spaces between contact pads of an …

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