ISPA names and shames South Africa’s biggest spammers and email address resellers in their Hall of Shame

The South African Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) updated their “Spam Hall of Shame” recently, naming and shaming the country’s spammers and e-mail address resellers.

Until recently it was mainly the embarrassment of appearing on this list which made it a deterrent to spammers, but an announcement by a local firm that it is using this data in fighting spam changes the game.

Pinpoint SecureMail said that they are integrating the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) Hall of Shame anti-spam watchlist in their e-mail protection software.

According to Yossi Hasson, managing director of Pinpoint SecureMail development company SYNAQ, this means that all companies listed on the ISPA spam Hall of Shame are immediately given an extra weighting on SYNAQ’s spam algorithms and are quarantined.

In the first three weeks following the ISPA Hall of Shame integration into Pinpoint SecureMail, SYNAQ identified and blocked 146,926 spam messages sent out by companies included in the list.

The latest spammers and email address resellers listed in ISPA’s spam hall of shame are as follows.

South African spammers:

  1. Dynamic Seminars
  2. New Heights 1268 / Jaco Derksen
  3. SA Webs (not SA Web Design)
  4. Ketler Presentations
  5. Brain Power
  6. Worldclass Mobile aka Marketing House
  7. World Class Products
  8. Kaleidoscope Advertising and eMarketing
  9. The Peer Group
  10. The SA Consumer Initiative
  11. Pinny Barak – Bizweb
  12. Promo Mail SA
  13. Greycell cc / Bad Credit Loans
  14. Eddy Wines
  15. Jake The Transporter
  16. Drive Car Sales / Justgroup-Africa
  17. No More Debt / Debt Free Living
  18. Marketing Now
  19. Body and Mind
  20. SA Passport
  21. Front Foot Events
  22. Plum Solutions
  23. Eezi Marketing
  24. Craig Sneeden C2IT
  25. Winners Circle
  26. Richard Catto
  27. Jimmie Somers
  28. South African Centre for Health Management cc
  29. African Experience Golf Tours
  30. FiF 247 Information Services
  31. Kevin Croft
  32. Tom Goldgamer
  33. Top In
  34. Master Lists
  35. Bulk eMail services
  36. IITA
  37. Kidz Memoriez
  38. Bidding Buzz
  39. Grunder Marketing
  40. SaveHost
  41. WebSites4SA – Johan Steyn
  43. Marketing Counts
  44. Manhattan Hotel

Address resellers:

  1. Mark Tribelhorn
  2. Affordable Construction
  3. Rain Marketing
  4. Peter Van Wyk – Media Online (not The Media Online)
  5. Mandy Simone
  6. Timothy Heston
  7. Jonathan Schoeman: BP Media & SMSCity
  8. Verosha Bisnath
  9. ListSA
  10. Email Marketing South Africa
  11. Web Marketing Today
  12. All Things SA
  13. Data Corp SA
  14. Trinity Designs
  15. Trevor Jones
  16. MailMagic
  17. DataInc
  18. Jannie Pretorius, Group3Properties
  19. Silent G
  20. Michael Fraser, Pink Soda Marketing
  21. Graham Naude, Eezi Marketing
  22. Marketing Now
  23. Abram Morake
  24. Aqua Direct Marketing
  25. Master Lists SA
  26. Bulk eMail services
  28. Tony Baker – SA Data Marketing
  29. Lowveld Media

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