Katleho at the University of Antwerp, Belgium

Pre- departure:

In making the decision to do a semester exchange (or an exchange of any length) can seem pretty daunting. There is a fair amount of decisions to make at this point already; How long do you want to be on exchange? Which Universities would you like to apply to? What types of funding and learning agreements are available? I spent a fair amount of time reading about the various options on the website of SU International. They give you a pretty good idea of the different types of exchange programs available, the institutions that they have learning agreements and the financial help they can offer. Their two phased application processes is also very well laid out on the website.

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Alicia at North Carolina State University, USA

I have always loved traveling and experiencing different cultures, but finding the time and money to travel is never easy. When I started with my Masters degree in civil engineering, a semester exchange seemed like the perfect opportunity to fully immerse myself in another culture while still being able to spend enough time on my research. And when the opportunity presented itself I fully grabbed it with both hands.

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"When it comes to suitcases: backpack beats duffle bag, suitcase with wheels beats backpack and convertible backpack with wheels trumps everything. " Summer School Traveler Corneli Smit