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Law Exchanges

Winter / Summer School Postings

Anja Pretorius with river drop
Anja Pretorius at KU Leuven in Belgium
Nikiwe enjoy the view in Austria
Nikiwe at Salzburg University in Austria
Claudia chilling with new friends in Radboud
Claudia at Radboud University in The Netherlands

Engineering Exchanges

Monique at NC State University, USA

Pre-departure: During the pre-departure period there is a lot of paperwork and admin that needs to be done which may …

Carike at Reutlingen University, Germany

Pre-Departure: My exchange preparation was somewhat different, since it was the first time someone was doing the Engineering Gap Year …

Ross at North Carolina State University, USA

Pre Departure: Leaving for exchange can seem extremely daunting because of the numerous application processes, meetings and email chains with …