Academic Matters


  • Registration at Stellenbosch University
  • Transcripts

The opportunity to experience the educational system and academic approach of an institution abroad is a once in a lifetime experience and you should grab it with both hands. Besides the personal and cultural learning, your exchange will be an academic experience and will add an international dimension to your degree. This is an opportunity to break out-of-the-way of thinking and teaching that you have become used to in the past years as a student and embrace the new academic challenge that an international institution will offer.

Descriptions of international education systems, as provided by Nuffic.

Registration at Stellenbosch University:

You have to be enrolled for the full duration of your exchange. If you are going on exchange in the first semester (Jan – June) of the Stellenbosch academic year it is very important to make the necessary arrangements for registration with your faculty secretary. Also look at the possibilities for e-registration if you have to be at your host in early January.

Registration also entails that you have paid your Stellenbosch study fees. You will not be able to go on exchange if you have outstanding study fees at the time of your departure.

This is your responsibility!


The host institution will issue a transcript of records (your study record with your courses and marks) at the end of the semester. This is the official document needed for the transfer of credit. No transcript will be issued if you have outstanding debt. Be sure to check that prior to your departure.

The transcript will be issued with the grading system of the particular institution/country. SU International will use a standardized table to convert the grades and credit values to South African standards.

You will receive the original transcript from your host university for your own records after the credit transfer has been completed.