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Michelle doing anthropological fieldwork in Gozo, Malta

Anthropology is a social science that has a focus on culture. However, as a student of Anthropology now for two and half years, I am very apprehensive to use the word culture, and to say that Anthropology is the study of culture. It is a heavily loaded word with a weighty history, particularly in Southern Africa and even this university; and to this day Anthropologists are still grappling with what culture actually is. Some Anthropologists may say Anthropology is a comparative Sociology, but even in this description the troublesome history of Anthropology is evident, in the comparative part. Continue reading Michelle doing anthropological fieldwork in Gozo, Malta

Aldi in Malta

Off the Beaten Track

It all starts with a dream, and then it changes into a mission and at last a reality. This is to me the very basic elements of my field school in Malta. I always dreamt of taking what I study and applying it to a real life situation. And so it happened!

It all started with looking for a scholarship online when I came across Off The Beaten Track – Applied Anthropology Field School. I looked into it and it seemed legit, I started the application process and before I knew it I had my final letter of acceptance into the program. But this is just a simplification of it al. Such adventures, including exchange programmes, takes a lot of time and effort. Firstly, you most of the time have a full academic schedule to follow and of course a social life to keep up with and then comes along the admin and preparation for your journey.

Aldi (Right) and Friends
Aldi (Right) and Friends

Firstly, the admin, yes it does take time and sometimes can be frustrating but keep calm and carry on. Make a checklist of what you must do and take it step for step. It will all come together with a bit of perseverance. I also had to learn these lessons with my trip. The next big hurdle in the preparation process is flights and visas. Now here I can and will say get a good travel agent to help you and make sure that you get your dates right. I nearly had my flights booked 2 weeks to late, which would have been a disaster!

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