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Theo at the University of Hong Kong

Pre-departure to Hong Kong :

I had just returned from a winter school in China so I was sort of prepared already. I had my winter clothes packed, although I knew Hong Kong wouldn’t be as cold as Beijing.  Plus this would now be my second trip to the Asian region so I had a better vision of what it would be like culturally, demographically etc. So there wasn’t much for me to do besides enjoy my last few days at home, wait for my Hong Kong visa and residence approval (which were stressing me as it was mid-December and I hadn’t heard anything from them). But I later learned that I wasn’t placed in a residence which wasn’t an issue until I tried looking for private accommodation. Continue reading Theo at the University of Hong Kong

Allistair in Hong Kong


The lead up to the trip was exciting, yet nerve wracking. I was looking forward to the trip, however the date that the course was scheduled to start happened to fall on the last day of my first opportunity exams. There was a fair amount of admin to complete regarding the trip; visa applications to process, information required by the university in Hong Kong, plane tickets to be booked- as well as exams to study for! I had decided to make use of the opportunity of travelling to the East and tour Vietnam after the course, so there were arrangements that needed to be made for this too. Continue reading Allistair in Hong Kong