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Chanel at Globecom in Boston


Our summer program, Globecom, was to be held in Boston at Emerson College. We were also invited to multiple PR related workshops in New York – the best city in the world (apart from Stellenbosch of course).  Since it was our first time travelling to this country, we were as nervous as we were excited. There was still a lot of administrative things to sort out – VISA’s, cash conversions and, of course, what to wear!

Since we were all female, packing was simple – pack everything! A girl needs her choices, especially since we were invited to various fancy events with Emerson College lecturers, public speakers, and many other important people taking part in our summer program. I started packing at least a month before we travelled. I couldn’t risk forgetting something or packing the wrong things! I couldn’t risk having to spend my money on clothes due to a wardrobe malfunction. So many other important things had to be bought – Starbucks coffees – duh. In order to reduce my chances of a wardrobe mishap, I constantly checked multiple international weather websites for forecasts during our visit. I checked the humidity as well, since cold temperatures don’t necessarily mean cold weather! Remember to leave some space for gifts as well!

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The American Dream by Eloise


The day we booked our tickets to Boston, MA was the day it all sank in. For the first time we realised that we are really doing this.  Mri, Chanel and I are really going to AMERICA for the very first time!! Our minds immediately started to twirl as we thought about Central Park, Boston Common, The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Museums, BROADWAY and of course, Times Square.

We started planning everything in detail, as it is very important to be organised, prepared and knowledgeable about where you are going, where you are staying and prices of everything.  If you know precisely how to get to the place you’re staying in America, it is much, much easier to use the Subway (although it can be a bit confusing in the beginning).  Preparation also equals LESS STRESS.  If you are in an unknown country, you don’t know where you are and nobody stops to even look at you or help you, you will start to stress.  Therefore to prevent this stress, you should know where you are going and how to get there.

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