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Ruusa at Humboldt University, Berlin

Applying for the summer school:

I heard about the opportunity to attend the summer school through a presentation in our department by the International Office and started my application process immediately. I would advise to find out when application dates open and start applying as soon as possible. This gives your referee sufficient time to write a reference letter and it also gives you enough time to make the video that accompanies the application. I made sure to specifically choose summer schools which 1) offered housing in order to reduce costs and 2) would take place during the June/July holidays because I did not want to miss out on any classes. I officially received confirmation that I had been accepted to the summer school about a month after submitting my application. A week later I received confirmation that I had been awarded a travel bursary.

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Engineering Gap Year in Germany

Carike and Peter are enrolled for an undergraduate mechanical engineering degree at Stellenbosch University. (Currently the Gap Year programme is only limited to students from the Mechanical Engineering Department. We also only send students to countries that are part of the Washington Accord: https://www.washingtonaccord.org/washington-accord/signatories/ )

In 2017, Carike and Peter decided to undertake an Engineering Gap Year in 2018, which includes the following two components: A semester exchange at a partner university followed by an internship at a German company. The semester exchange entails taking courses at a partner university in their field of study. This is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to a new academic environment and to see how engineering courses in their field of study is presented at partner universities. The internship placements are mostly organized by the students themselves, but with some support from the partner universities. The internships can be paid or non-paid and is a great way to acquire work experience and strengthen a student’s employability. (We also currently have three other students taking part in a semester exchange at North Carolina State University. Their exchange is starting in August and will only be for one semester.)

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