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Berta at Makerere University, Uganda

Berta doing field work in Uganda. Here she describes her experience in point form.


  • Visa application

Visa fees (Single entry = $50; Multiple entry = $100).

I advise to choose multiple entry, because the country is surrounded by Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo that are very possible to visit.  For instance, from Kampala to Nairobi (Kenya) it is 660 km.

Time for processing: 5 working days, because it is issued in Pretoria.

Requirements: Visa application form, passport (valid for at least 6 months from the proposed date of entry), 1 passport size photo, letter of invitation

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Ydi at Makerere University, Uganda

The Makerere exchange is perfect for someone who wants to try something challenging and ‘off the grid’. In many respects Uganda is not that different from South Africa, but the university’s infrastructure and administration is nothing like at Stellenbosch. If you can look past the fragmented ‘exterior’ of the city, you soon learn to appreciate the wit of the people, the organic flow of the city and the slow pace of things.

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