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Robyn attending the Amazon Summer School


Preparing for Brazil was simple; a tourist visa is granted to South African citizens on arrival for 90 days and though I came armed with documents such as my proof of address and letter of acceptance into the course, the border officials asked for none of it. Even my up to date yellow fever card was ignored – though it is a legal requirement to enter the country so do get it if you are heading there.

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Connie at PUC-Rio, Brazil

Pre-departure to PUC-Rio, Brazil :

Before departing for Brazil, you have to apply for a student visa at the Brazilian embassy in your country. It is important to do this well in advance as it can take a few trips there and back to get everything in order. It is important to know that the application for a student visa to Brazil has two phases, one in your own country and one in Brazil. Once in Brazil you have to register with the federal police within 30days or you will pay a fine, PUC-Rio will assist you with this. In order to register in Brazil you need your visa and TWO documents from the Brazilian embassy in your country (South Africa). The need to give you these forms signed and stamped before your departure for Brazil! Then, at the registration at the federal police in Brazil you need to present these documents, your visa and pay two more fees.

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