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Blog Postings of Returning Students

Erich at Wageningen University

Between February and August of 2018, I had the privilege of studying abroad to conduct research for my Masters’ degree. This semester exchange, coordinated by Stellenbosch University International, took place in the Netherlands, at Wageningen University. In this post, I’d like to share the experiences of my time abroad. Continue reading Erich at Wageningen University

Timothy at Zurich University


I guess it is obvious for anyone planning to study abroad for a semester to go through the application process with the International office at Stellenbosch University and obtain a nomination for an exchange at a partner university. Recounting the application process would then seem trivial and routine considering that the exchange coordinator has already so far laboured hard enough to provide all required information and a flooded the website with experience reports and FAQs for any aspiring student to refer to. But certainly the experience is different for every individual. Continue reading Timothy at Zurich University