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Caylynn at the University of Kent, UK


The pre-departure preparation is essential in order to ensure that your time abroad is well organised, and that you feel comfortable with your new adventure away from home.  Personally, I did not have to go through the visa application, as I am on a European passport which could be used for my travels.  However, in talking to other exchange students that were embarking on an abroad programme, I would suggest that you start the visa process soon after your acceptance, as it usually requires admin and time.

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Caitlin at the University of Kent


After being accepted for an exchange by the PGIO in Stellenbosch, I then had to do an online application for my host university. This was very straight forward and after waiting a couple of weeks, the University of Kent notified me that I had been accepted for short term studies at their institution. After accepting my offer, I then had to apply for accommodation separately; this can be done through the university’s student accommodation website. At the University of Kent only first years and international students stay on campus, because of a lack of space. I would recommend applying to stay at Parkwood, which is self-catered accommodation, as you will probably share a house with a mixture of international and British students which creates a great atmosphere.  You also have the opportunity to pre-order a bedding pack, which includes a duvet, pillow, pillow case, duvet cover and sheet. I would recommend ordering the bedding pack, as you may not have time to buy bedding shortly after arriving as your first day is quite busy and the city centre of Canterbury is quite far from campus.

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