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Megan in Beijing


No preparation for an overseas venture starts calmly, and preparing for our trip to China was no different. The last few weeks before departing consisted of hurriedly ensuring all paper work and funding was accounted for, as well as trying to ensure all essentials could be packed into a suitcase.

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Amanda in China



As the last few weeks before my departure approached, I realised that after almost four years my time in Stellenbosch was nearing an end, what a strange thought! The final weeks before my departure went by quickly and were mainly spent packing up my room, and finishing my thesis, I hardly had time to feel sad about not being able to spend another summer in Stellenbosch. Once all my things were packed up, I flew home to Johannesburg to spend the last few days before my departure with my family. I also had to start getting serious about packing my bags, as I have the habit of postponing until the very last minute (which happened again anyway). Packing was difficult because I would arrive in Beijing in the summer with warm temperatures, but soon after it would become winter, and not winter like we know in South Africa, I’m talking about -18 degrees here! It was a tough job, but in the end everything was packed and I was ready to go. Feelings of both nervousness and excitement followed me onto the plane – I was on my way to my home for the next 5 months! Big, long hugs and last words with all my loved ones at the airport, and I was off!

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