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Busiswa at the BRICS Shanghai Summer School, China


Upon receiving correspondence from Fudan University that I have been accepted to attend the BRICS Shanghai Summer School Program, I was faced with much uncertainty regarding financing the trip. In the middle of that uncertainty however, SU International was a space where I could experience bouts of positivity each time I went to enquire about the possibility of actually going on the trip. From this process SU International afforded me a travel bursary. It was at this point that I began feeling excited about the possibility of going abroad. When all calculations were done I realized I still needed further financial support to cover all the trip logistics. Again, after motivating why I should be afforded an extending grant, I felt hopeful that Stellenbosch University would find it necessary to invest in me. In this waiting period I was in constant contact with both Fudan University and SU International. From Fudan’s side I had to relay to them that I have all the intentions to attend the program, however I needed a little bit more time to sort out the financial part in order to pay for tuition and the travelling costs. What was really encouraging during this time was the responsiveness I received from SU International.

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Shannon at the Renmin University of China


The preparation period for a summer school abroad is quite a tricky time. I found out that I had been accepted to study in China during my mid-year examinations, not the most prime time. I had to juggle the excitement of planning my trip and researching all the sights I wanted to see, as well as registering for my summer school courses, booking a visa appointment, checking for reasonably priced flights and securing accommodation. All of this over and above preparing and studying for my crucial third year examinations. Although it was a lot to deal with, thanks to good time-management and caffeine, I managed to get through it.

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