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Emily at the University of Adelaide, Australia


I was in my final semester at Stellenbosch before I applied to study abroad. Looking back, I wish I’d done it much sooner – it was an amazing and enriching experience and I will carry it (and the skills and friends I acquired) with me wherever I go next.

When selecting a Summer school and a course to apply for, I was initially overwhelmed by all the options. Stellenbosch has such a wide range of partner institutions that it almost makes sense to decide where you want to go before you even consider what you want to do. Having ruled out all the European options (I was hoping to go to Asia or Australia), I started looking at the courses on offer. I decided on a GIS course at Adelaide University in Australia, as it made the most sense from the perspective of skills I would need going forward. However, taking a course that was relevant to my degree was by no means a prerequisite – I could just as easily have chosen a course on history or philosophy or art. SU International encourages students to use exchanges and summer schools as an opportunity to expand their (academic) horizons.

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Adelaide, A dream worth living!

Pre-Trip Advice:

The University of Adelaide, a name I had often come across in academic research but a name I never dreamt I would get the opportunity to associate myself with. It was no wonder that when I found myself chatting to some international students at the annual international food evening that their mention of the possibility to experience university life abroad sparked my planning and application into life!

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