About the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa

Since South Africa annexed the Prince Edward Islands in 1948, South African researchers have been making regular expeditions to the Antarctic Continent, the Prince Edward Islands and Gough Island, as well as elsewhere in the Southern Ocean.  The Antarctic Legacy of South Africa (ALSA) project aims to preserve the rich human history of these expeditions and South Africa’s presence in the Southern Ocean over the last 70 years.

Aside from the results of biological and physical research, these expeditions have produced a wealth of photographs, videos, and written and oral accounts. This historical record also includes maps, journals, logbooks, newspaper articles, and artworks. The Antarctic Legacy of South Africa collates, digitises and archives these records, along with out-of-print South African research articles and unpublished papers residing in governmental archives, departments and museums, and makes them accessible to the public. This website serves as a public portal to provide access to this information, which currently stands at over 4000 records.