Do you have material to submit to the archive, need more information or want to correct a mistake? We’d love to hear from you.

If you have documents, images, videos or any other material from South Africa’s involvement in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, please contact us and we’ll get it onto the database. ALSA will cover the costs of collection and digitisation, and return both the original and a digitised copy to you. If your material is already digitised then it can be shared electronically.  New additions to the database will be announced on the webpage.

If you need any information on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean islands, get in touch and we will either direct you to the correct website or put you into touch with an organisation.

If you have events, talks or presentations (related to the Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and/or Southern Ocean) that you would like to promote, send us the details and we will put it on the website.

Finally, if you identify missing or incorrect information in the archive, please send a message with your contact details so we can amend the details.

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