Herewith a list of NRF funded projects within the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP)


Name Surname Project Short Title Institution
Prof Alakendra Roychoudhury Distribution and Speciation of Bioactive Trace Elements in Southern Ocean US
Dr Susanne Fietz Shifts in phytoplankton and microbial community composition and functional diversity related to trace metal cycling in the Southern Ocean US
Dr Azwianewi Makhado Bottom-up and top-down control of seabirds of the Southern Ocean: implications for conservation DEA
Prof Jonathan Sievers Observing Dawn in the Cosmos UKZN
Dr Pedro Monteiro How storm characteristics in the Southern Ocean influence inter annual variability of CO2 fluxes CSIR
Dr Thato Nicholas Mtshali Seasonal evolution of biogeochemical Fe cycle in the Southern Ocean CSIR
Dr Sarah-Anne Nicholson The role of storms in shaping upper ocean physics and primary production in the Southern Ocean CSIR
Dr Sandy Thomalla An improved understanding of the climate sensitivity of the Southern Ocean’s biological carbon pump CSIR
Prof Anriëtte Bekker Decision aiding for the SA Agulhas II through modelling, monitoring and data capture US
Dr Michelle Greve Invasions in the changing sub-Antarctic UP
Dr Peter le Roux Modelling wind patterns and their ecological impacts UP
Prof Michael Kosch SANAE HF radar SANSA
Dr Stefan Lotz Polar Space Weather Studies (PSWS) SANSA
Dr Pierre Pistorius Southern Indian Ocean Top Predators: linking ecology, oceanography and marine spatial planning needs NMMU
Dr Maelle Connan Small Procellariiformes as indicators of ecosystem changes and plastic pollution NMMU
Prof Isabelle Hofmeyr Southern Oceanic Humanities Wits
Prof Werner Nel Landscape and climate interactions in the sub-Antarctic UFH
Prof Bettine Jansen van Vuuren Biocomplexity: Understanding biological patterns in space and time UJ
Dr Du Toit Strauss Living with cosmic radiation NWU
Dr Geoffrey Grantham Gondwana Amalgamation and Correlation Research Project UJ
Dr Katye Altieri Biogeochemical controls on the sources and chemical composition of Southern Ocean marine aerosols UCT
Dr Sarah Fawcett A nitrogen cycle view of atmospheric CO2 sequestration in the Antarctic Ocean UCT
Prof Isabelle Ansorge SAMOC-SA UCT
Me Ria Olivier  Preserve and Promote the Antarctic legacy of South Africa  US
Prof Nico de Bruyn Marion Island Marine Mammals: Individual Variation and Population Processes in Changing Environments UP
Dr Thulani Makhalanyane Disentangling the role of chemolithoautotrophs in the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 UP
Prof Don Cowan Microbial diversity, functionality and resilience in Antarctic terrestrial niche communities UP
Prof Chris Reason Southern Ocean influences on Western Cape Drought and Flood Events UCT
Prof Isabelle Ansorge SEAmester – South Africa’s Class Afloat UCT