Annual Roman Law Moot Court

The final of the seventh annual SU Roman Law Moot Court competition took place on the 13th of October 2017. This year’s competition was generously sponsored by Allen & Overy.

Front, from left to right: Olivia Bernstein, Annalise Heydenrych. Back row, from left to right: Joshua Peebles, Garrick Bach, Gideon Engelbrecht, Matthew Baudewig.

The six members of the winning team shared a R5000 cash price. The set of facts was drafted by Prof Dr Richard Gamauf of the University of Vienna for the Ninth International Roman Law Moot held in 2016 and re-used for the local competition with his kind permission. Students had to delve into intricate issues of Justinianic private law concerning the delict of corruption of a slave and quasi-contractual obligations arising from the voluntary but unauthorised management of another’s affairs.


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