The Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council (Tygerberg Akademiese Belangeraad) is an advisory body comprising of members from every program and year group within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We represent the academic interests of all students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and ease the communication channels between classes and lecturers, module chairs and faculty.

We serve students by making their academic needs known in a professional manner, and represent their academic concerns on the TSR and various faculty committees.

Our Vision
The vision of the TAAC is to provide all Tygerberg undergraduate students with accountable, visible, academic representation whilst facilitating open communication between faculty staff and students and improved accessibility to academic structures.

Our Mission
The TAAC endeavours to achieve our vision by:

Assessing and addressing any and all academic needs students may face throughout the academic year, to the best of our abilities.

Fostering open channels of communication between the student body and faculty and the student body and the TAAC, to encourage transparency and accountability.

Improving the visibility of the TAAC on campus, to ensure students are aware of our role and purpose.

Protecting the academic integrity of Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.