Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print from GERGA?

If you are using a computer in GERGA, you have to first log on to the Citrix desktop before sending documents to the printer. 

The app should be visible on the desktop when you turn the computer on.

Where do I go if I lost my student card and need a new one?

Contact IT support for an appointment via email.

How do you register for parking?
Where do I go if I cannot register my devices on EduRoam?

You can go to IT support. 

Their offices are on the 1st floor of the Education building, in the same corridor as the Ukwanda rural school offices.

Where do I go if I need an access card for hospital?

You need to go to the desk behind the cashiers situated next to Cups and Saucers. They will print a card for you. 

You will have to take your card to the office on Lower Ground of Tygerberg Hospital, West Side. They will register the card for the hospital. 

These offices are only open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s between 7:30am and 10:00am.

What is COB for?

COB is money you can load to your student account and use to buy food on campus. Companies that make use of COB include Vida, MyBrew, Spice and the convenience store.

How do I load COB on my student account?
How do I work out my year average?

Every year’s average is worked out according to the credits of your modules.

You will need to work out what fraction you have achieved for the total credits for every module in the year.

Then, add these values, per module, together and divide it by the total maximum credit load for the year and multiple it by 100. 

This will be illustrated through an example:

ExampleYear 1:

Module 1: 17 credits

Module 2: 19 credits

Module 3: 10 credits

Module 4: 60 credits

Module 5: 30 credits

The total credits for ExampleYear 1 = 136

If you scored the following per module, they would contribute the following fraction of credits to your total:

Module 1: 74% = 74/100 x 17 = 12,58

Module 2: 70% = 70/100 x 19 = 13,3

Module 3: 60% = 60/100 x 10 = 6

Module 4: 80% = 80/100 x 60 = 48

Module 5: 72% = 72/100 x 30 = 21,6

Divide the sum of these by 136 and multiply it by 100 to get your year average:

12,58 + 13,3 + 6 + 48 + 21,6 = 101,48/136 x 100 = 74,6%

How do I know if I will graduate with distinction?

There are two calendars you need to consult in order to find out what the requirements are for you to graduate with distinction:

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Calendar

You will find your programme’s specific requirements in this Calendar.

Go to Section 11 of the Contents page and click on your respective programme. 

Stellenbosch University General Calendar

You will find in-depth information about the requirements you need to meet to graduate cum laude. 

On page 43, you will find these requirements. 

What does the General Calendar say?

In order to graduate cum laude, you need to obtain an average, for all of the years of your undergraduate degree, of 75% or more and a cumulative average of all the years together needs to be 75% or more.