Tutors and Mentors

Academic Support Services

The faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences offers academic services are to students who require support for the academic performance at the faculty through a student holistic supportive framework. The aim is to contribute towards a meaningful learning experience and enable students’ personal and professional development to achieve their education and career goals.

These services can include:

  • Co-curricular support to student’s curriculum including, structure and organisational skills, study strategies, note-taking skills, stress management skills, healthy eating and sleeping skills
  • Psychological screening of the student’s mental health and referral to applicable internal and external resources of the faculty
  • Career assessments/advice, development and support
  • Tutoring Programmes for subject-specific support and personal support

Academic support is provided by the office of the Academic Advisor and appointments can be made by contacting the Administration Officer. Students are encouraged to reach out themselves or they can request assistance for referral from an academic staff member.

For appointments please email the Administration Officer: Mr Khulekani Shange kshange@sun.ac.za

Academic Advisor: Ms Lamese Chetty lamese@sun.ac.za

Tutor and Mentor Programmes

Two of the many academic resources available to Tygerberg undergraduate students includes the Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme and Tutor-Mentor Programme.

The Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme provides tutors for undergraduate theory blocks and the Tutor-Mentor Programme provides academic MenTuts to first and second year students. 

If you would like to learn more about these programmes, click on the links below. 

Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme 

Tutor-Mentor Programme

Comparison of the above mentioned programmes

Tutor-Mentor Programme
  • Available for: First and second years
  • Weekly meetings
  • Compulsory
  • Academic mentoring
  • Social support (Referral to student-support services.)
  • Free service
  • Contact information:

Mentor-Tutor Programme Student Coordinator:  

Nicole Abrahams: 24953687@sun.ac.za

Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme
  • Available for: All undergraduate students
  • By request
  • Not compulsory
  • Free service
  • Contact information:

SST Student Coordinator:
Migonne’ Wessels:

Academic Advisor:
Ms Lamese Chetty: lamese@sun.ac.za