Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme

Overview of the Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme

Peer-Academic Support Programme

A subject-specific tutor is an academic role model to students in a specific subject area (anatomy, physiology, etc.)

Senior undergraduate students and postgraduate students can apply to tutor.

All undergraduate students can request a tutor for free.

The programme focuses on supporting:

  • Students from junior year groups in all FMHS undergraduate programmes
  • Students who require academic support in specific modules

Senior students are invited to apply for the role of a Subject-Specific Tutor and selection is based on:

  • A strong academic record in the specific subject area
  • Willingness to contribute and support students academic success

Structure of the Subject-Specific Tutoring Programme

The programme is managed by Ms Lamese Chetty who is the ACADEMIC ADVISOR in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Working under Ms Chetty is the Student Coordinator and the Head Tutors. 

Marcel Simpson is the STUDENT COORDINATOR and the link between Tutors, Head Tutors and Faculty. She reports directly to Ms Lamese Chetty.

The Head Tutors play an important role in ensuring students are allocated tutors when they need it, as well as making sure tutors get the support they need

The Head Tutors work very closely with the Student Coordinator to ensure the programme runs smoothly.


Expectations of a Subject-Specific Tutor


  • Responsible for providing academic guidance and support to 6-8 students
  • Meet with their tutor group throughout their subject duration on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Initiate regular sessions prior to the assessment period
  • Attend a meeting with the Student Coordinator each term to discuss possible limitations and offer suggestions for improvement of the programme.

How the Process Works

Tutor Recruitment

Students in their 2nd year or later can apply to tutor.

Postgraduates who majored, or are majoring, in a relevant subject may apply to tutor.

Tutor Allocation

Students who require support in a specific subject may request a tutor directly or through their class representative.

Tutor are allocated according student needs at no more than 10 students per tutor group.

Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are arranged between tutor and tutees at a maximum of 8 hours per week.

Tutors and tutees are required to complete log-in sheets for each session.


Applications for Tutoring

To receive a Subject-Specific Tutor: 

Please contact the student coordinator, Mignonné Wessels, to be allocated to a tutor.

Contact us

Ms Lamese Chetty

Mignonné Wessels