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Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

In the faculty yearbook you will find both programme information, as well as faculty information. Additionally,  you will find information on the University’s policies and rules, the student fees payable, and bursaries.

Please click on the link below for the FHMS Yearbook


Programme-Specific Booklets



Occupational Therapy

Nursing and Midwifery

Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy


First year, 2022

Second year, 2022

Third year, 2022

Fourth year, 2022

Assessment Office

If you would like more information about the Examinations Office on the Tygerberg Campus, or their contact details, please click here.


The Tygerberg Academic Affairs Council has set up One Drives for all programmes on the Tygerberg Campus.

These Drives contain resources that students have made throughout the years including summaries, notes and other resources. These are all student-led resources, with no input from faculty members. NO past papers have been added or will be added to these One Drives.
If you have additional resources you’d like to add to the Drives, please send them through to us.

To add new Resources to the Drive, follow these steps…

1) Send an email to the email address listed below.
2) Attach the resources to the email.
3) Specify the YEAR and the MODULE applicable to these resources.
4) If the resources were made by someone else – confirm PERMISSION to upload them to the Drive.

Rules for Resources

1) Strictly NO past papers are allowed on the Drive.
2) If you want to add a resource that was compiled by someone else, you have to ask PERMISSION from that person first, before you send it to us.
3) Send a PDF version of all word documents.

Email Addresses 

MBChB: Kayla Lourens

Physiotherapy: Corne Schreuder

Dietetics:  Natasja Ludik

Occupational Therapy: Christelle van Wyk

Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy: Talenta Mudau

Nursing and Midwifery:Olivia van der Watt

Accessing the Drives

If you would like to access the One Drive for your programme, speak to your class representative.