Student COVID-19 Volunteering

Do you want to help the fight against COVID-19?

Vaccination Centre Volunteering


Entrance 5 Screening


Contact Tracing

Vaccination Centre Volunteering

Disa Hall at Tygerberg Hospital is open and in need of help.

If you are a student at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, you can sign up to volunteer at the vaccination centre. 

MBChB III-VI and Nursing III students are eligible to vaccinate. 

All students, undergraduate and postgraduate, from all FMHS programmes, are eligible to assist with administration, marshalling and be runners.

Volunteering happens Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm (two slots: 8am-12pm and 12pm-4pm).

How do I sign up?

Step 1:

Join the WhatsApp Group: Vaccine Volunteers!

Step 2: 

Open the Vaccination Volunteers App on Power Apps.

Step 3:

Click on Sign Up.

Step 4:

Fill in your details and choose which weeks you would like to volunteer. 

“Training” refers to the EVDS course students had to complete before volunteering during the Sisonke Trial vaccinations. 


You can edit your submission as many times as you like to indicate your availability!

How do I know when I am rostered to volunteer?

The Vaccine Student Task Team is in charge of organising the roster for volunteers every day. 

The Task Team consists of:

Jess Davies; Kristin Arends; Luné Smith; Sinead Stark and Glen Thatcher.

Who does what?


Jess Davies:

In charge of overseeing the programme and ensuring it runs smoothly.

In charge of the App. Will fill in the electronic roster according to submissions on the App. 

In charge of certificates for “Tenners” Club.

Kristin Arends:

In charge of filling empty spots. If someone is able to take up an extra slot in the week, or would like extra slots, she will add them to the roster.

Luné Smith:

In charge of cancellations. If a student can no longer attend the slot they have signed up for, she will remove them from that slot and make corrections accordingly.

Sinead Stark:

In charge of communication with students on the WhatsApp group. Will share the roster every night for confirmation with volunteers. 

Glen Thatcher:

In charge of answering questions on the WhatsApp group and keeping track of the attendance register and hours completed by students for the Tenners Club, Elective and Bursary recognition. 

How does the process work? 
Step 1:

Indicate your availability on the App.

Step 2:

Every night, Sinead Stark will send the roster for the following day on the group.

Step 3:

If you cannot volunteer during your slot anymore, message Luné Smith.

Step 4:

If you want to fill in an empty slot, message Kristin Arends.

Step 5:

If you are confused about anything, message Glen Thatcher.

Where do I go on the day?

The safest option is to park on campus.

Go to Tygerberg Hospital via the K Floor entrance.

Walk up to the Ground Floor level of the hospital, on the West Side.

Exit the building and walk through the UWC parking lot.

Turn left and walk down the road until you see Disa Hall on your right, just after the student accommodation. 

When you arrive at Disa Hall, ask for Juanita (the site coordinator) and introduce yourself.

Juanita will tell you where help is needed for the day.

Tenners Club

Congratulations to the student volunteers who have completed 10 or more shifts at the vaccination centre!

Entrance 5 Screening

At Entrance 5 to Tygerberg Hospital, health care workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 receive screening. 
At this entrance, a basic health questionnaire is filled out and swabbing is done if indicated. 
The doctors need assistance with the administrative work at the entrance. This will include filling in forms and providing information. 

All undergraduate students, undergraduate from all FMHS programmes, are eligible to assist.

Volunteering happens Monday to Friday for 2 hours in the morning.

If you are interested, please join the WhatsApp group.
Any questions can be directed to Sara-Mari Burger.

Contact Tracing

The third wave has created a great need for student assistance in contact tracing.
As a volunteer, you will work with the Department of Health.
The work requires that you call COVID-cases and their close contacts for two reasons:
  1. To ensure they know what their obligations are for isolation and informing their work and close contacts about their status;
  2. To find out if they have pressing health problems that they need to take action on.  
All this work is done remotely, under supervision and with support through WhatsApp groups and google sheets. 
Training materials have been developed including role play videos for you to model your engagement with patients, should you wish to do so. 
This is an opportunity for students to learn how the epidemic is managed – from diagnosis to recovery/death and get an understanding as to how a health department tackles a public health issue of this nature.
Students also have an opportunity to practice interviewing skills, break bad news and engage in telemedicine.

How do I sign up?

Sign up using the Google Form and more information will be emailed to you thereafter.

Click here to sign up.