The Tygerberg Postgraduate Student Council (TPSC) is a student representative structure that exists to highlight and address the specific needs of these postgraduate students at the FMHS. The TPSC falls under the jurisdiction of the Tygerberg Student Representative Council (TSR) and joins the broader student representative community of the Stellenbosch Representative Council (SRC) based on Stellenbosch Campus. The council was founded in 2016, following recognition of the lack of representation of the Tygerberg postgraduate student community within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) management structures and the need for an initiative that addresses the contemporary needs of postgraduate students, dependant on context and time, within the higher education landscape. 

Through engagement with several Stellenbosch University (SU) management structures within the FMHS, the TPSC is tasked with ensuring transparent and accountable representation of postgraduate students at various committees including the Dean’s Management Team, the Faculty Committee for Postgraduate Research, Advisory Committee for Tygerberg Student Affairs (ACTSA) and Strategic Committee on Recruitment, Selection & Admission (SCoRSA). 

The TPSC endeavours to create spaces for meaningful interaction with the postgraduate student body to remain connected and aware of the ongoing needs and challenges of postgraduates within the present-day higher education context; thereby, enabling the TPSC to tailor offerings that encourage students more towards benefitting from experiential learning opportunities to attain student academic involvement and the development of SU graduate attributes. 

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Our Vision

To embody a progressive, inclusive and diverse postgraduate student community, wherein students thrive in the pursuit of higher education.

Our Mission

To advocate for Tygerberg postgraduate students through transparent and accountable leadership, representation of students’ concerns, promotion of personal development and provision of academic support relevant to the current educational landscape.