Campus Security

The safety and security of our students and staff members are matters of priority for Stellenbosch University. Campus Security is a service division which assists all students, staff and visitors in creating a safe environment for the university community. Security checkpoints are located at all major entrances into campus along with officers patrolling the grounds of the university to ensure the safety of the university community and to assist in emergencies.

Campus Security staff are highly trained. In the unfortunate circumstances of a crime being committed against anyone on campus grounds, they are able to deal with the practical and legal aspects, such as first-aid and what to do in a case of sexual assault.

Safety and security is a shared responsibility. Although all individuals enjoy freedom of movement and choice, they also bear the responsibility for the outcomes. Campus Security and the South African Police Service (SAPS) cannot protect you at all times. For that reason, it is your responsibility to make safe, sensible choices, as they impact directly on your personal safety.


Tygerberg campus 
24-hour emergency number

Staff and students are advised to save these numbers on your mobile phone.


082 808 2333


021 938 9507

See crime prevention measures below for some guidelines from Campus Security on how to stay safe.

  1. There is safety in numbers: Never walk alone, especially at night. Plan to walk in groups or request security to escort you.
  2. Out of sight, out of mind: Keep your valuables (such as your cellphone or laptop) hidden and close to you at all times. Never leave items on display (e.g. on your car seat) where they are easily accessibly.
  3. Always stay alert and vigilant: Criminals prefer to target someone not aware of his/her direct surroundings. If you suspect that someone might be following you, change direction.
  4. Be ready to make a noise if needed: Carry a whistle and pepper spray at all times to be able to draw attention if needed. Criminals hate attention.
  5. Make sure you lock your doors: Do not leave access doors to your vehicle or residence unlocked. Ensure all doors and windows are secure.
  6. Visibility is key: Avoid walking in dark or deserted areas, especially when you exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

For more information relating to security protocols and policies at Stellenbosch University visit Campus Safety.