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The Antarctic Legacy Project began in 2008 with the end goal of creating a product that will be a “… comprehensive electronic source, and in some areas archive (including by necessity paper copy), of the material available for social science, law and humanities research within the South African National Antarctic Programme.”(From: Bringing South Africa’s Antarctic […]

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In a recent article on ALSA we mentioned that an archive is a by-product of human activity preserved in material to provide a direct window on past events.  ALSA wants to be the custodian for these artefacts that are housed at bases and in personal collections.  ALSA would like to become the memory of our […]

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Correspondence from a member of the 3rd Biological expedition to Marion Island (29th Marion Overwintering Team, 1972 to 1973) with Johan Grobbelaar, Valdon Smith and Anthony de Villiers. Dane Gerneke a member to this expedition made contact with us. Via the worldwide web, Dropbox and zip files, we were able to get his images. These […]

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Collection of: Jaimie Cleeland Overwintering station: Gough Island Team: 63rd Gough Island Overwintering Team Year: 2017/2018 Position: Ornithological field assistant – appointed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Residing country:  Tasmania Number of photos in collection: 216 (183 photos taken by Jaimie, 25 taken by Kate Lawrence, 7 by Tom McSherry […]

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Transvaal, ship, Gough Island

Collection of:      Cyril Edward Norris Nickname:            Norrie Born:                      16 October 1935 – 2009† Islands visited:  Marion Island, Prince Edward Island, Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha Years:                     1956 and 1958 (International Geophysics Year-IGY) Why […]

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Collection of: Alexis Osborne Overwinter Team: Marion 71 (M71) Overwinter Job Description: Field Assistant, Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (PFIAO) Birder Take-overs: 2017 (Marion Island), 2017 (Gough Island) and 2017/2018 SANAE (Antarctica) Number of photos in the collection:  4 Keywords for this collection include: Fieldwork, team members, birders How to get to this collection: Archive […]

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Collection of: Anché Louw (Müller) Overwinter Team: Marion 70 (M70) Overwinter Job Description: Field Assistant (Stellenbosch University – Botanist) Take-overs: 2011 and 2016 Number of photos in the collection: 254 Keywords for this collection include: Fieldwork, parties, base life, field huts, landscapes, team members, hut food, Christmas and many more. How to get to this […]