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Two Marine Sciences learners have been selected to join the SEAmester expedition. We wish them all the best! “The ocean has always been a source of comfort for me since I was young. It was a place that piqued my curiosity yet calmed me at the same time. I am eager to learn and discover […]

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The Antarctic Legacy of South Africa(ALSA) launched another book ‘MarionThroughTheLens’ by Sean Evans and Tavis Dalton on 12th June in the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University. Tavis and Sean preserved their legacy with a photographic biography. Following a welcome by Ria Olivier, Prof Steven Chown of Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) addressed […]

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Environmental Month South Africa DONATE NOW  –  Do your part for #GenerationRestoration. Leave a legacy behind restore the environment for future generations. HELP US SAVE MARION ISLAND’S SEABIRDS ! With your support we can ensure a healthy future for Marion Island and its seabirds CLICK HERE to Donate or buy a hectare or READ more […]