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Antarctic Ambassadorship Day is on April 24th – a day to celebrate Antarctic ambassadorship, share stories from Antarctic ambassadors and inspire others to join the community. An Antarctic Ambassador, is anyone who: Loves and respects the region, Educates others by sharing their Antarctic experiences, Advocates for Antarctica when opportunities arise, and Protects the region by […]

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International Meteorology Day is celebrated on 23 March every year and it is an opportunity to appreciate the efforts made in the field of meteorology and weather forecasting, as well as to raise awareness about climate change and its impact on our planet.  The theme for World Meteorological Day in 2024 is “At the frontline of […]

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The S.A. Agulhas made news on 30 January 2024 when the ship was officially handed over to JS Maritime on Tuesday during an on-board ceremony attended by transport minister Sindisiwe Chikunga. The S.A. Agulhas was South Africa’s polar research vessel. She was in service for more than thirty years (1978 – April 2012) and has […]