The Antarctic Legacy of South Africa is saddened that Marten du Preez, a friend, a colleague has passed away at the age of 96. Marten is someone whose legacy within the Antarctic Programme of South Africa will live on. Marten always made time to be involved in the South African National Antarctic Programme and always […]


Greetings form the Antarctic Club of South Africa   Midwinter Day, or Midwinter, is an annual celebration held across Antarctica on the day of the southern winter solstice (June 20 or 21). It is the continent’s primary cultural holiday and, along with Antarctica Day, is one of two principal Antarctic holidays. See below the menu […]

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Sheep on Marion Island

A team of researchers from SAEF (Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future, An Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative) has published the most complete and up-to-date dataset of alien species in the Antarctic region.    SAEF indicates this dataset “provides information on the identity, localities, establishment, eradication status, dates of introduction, habitat, and impact. It shows most […]