What is the BTK?








The Berg -en Toerklub (“Mountain and Touring Club” – BTK) is the hiking, adventure and outdoor society for students at the University of Stellenbosch, and has been in existence for 92 years.

What activities do you offer?












Day hikes: Half day to full day hikes in the surrounding nature reserves, mostly on Saturdays.

Weekend hikes: One or two-night hikes where we overnight in tents or huts.

Adventure excursions: Let the adrenaline course through your veins with activities like sea kayaking, ziplining, abseiling, cave crawling and more!

Backpack tours: The main attraction for our members! Tours are normally 5 days to one week long, and occur in the different holidays. We take groups of up to 60 students to experience South Africa’s best multiday routes in the true BTK way.

Mountain hut: Visit our beautiful mountain hut in Hermanus, hidden deep in a kloof with waterfalls and pools. The hut accommodates up to 30 people.

What does it cost?









Annual membership costs R200. As of 2020, rock climbing happens through Maties Climbing, which can be found here.

Fees can be deducted from your student account if you are a student, otherwise you have to pay by cash or EFT. Click here for further details.

The price of tours and hikes is largely dependent on the distance traveled, the method of transport, entry permits etc. It is the BTK’s policy to keep prices as low and fair as possible.

The prices include all transport, food, permits etc.


Do I have to be fit/have equipment to participate?








The fitness requirement is different for each hike or tour. Some activities are easier and only moderate fitness is necessary. Other activities might be more strenuous and a higher level of fitness is consequently required. In such a case, however, it will be stated clearly.  In general, the “average Joe” (or Jane) who is active now and then, will be sufficiently fit.

 All equipment, like cooking pots and stoves, will be supplied on tours. Specialist items, personal necessities and cutlery and crockery are not included. Before every tour a complete list of required items will be sent to tour members.

How do I enter for a hike?









If you would like to join a day or weekend hike, you have to pay and enter a week before the time at our office. An email will be sent out with all information regarding signups, a few days before they open. The full cash amount must be paid then – if you withdraw in good time, you can be refunded, but it is not always the case. Spaces are often limited, so you have to be quick if you want to do your preferred activity. We work on a first come, first served basis for day and weekend hikes.


For tours, we follow a completely different procedure. Entries open three to four weeks before the time. You pay and enter at the office, and will then be selected according to a ranking system, based on the amount of tours and day hikes done, and other criteria. The full procedure can be viewed in our constitution. There will also be a tour meeting well before the tour, and this is usually the deadline for outstanding payments. Spaces on tours are always limited – members have preference to enter before non-members.

To join the BTK please click HERE!