“Welcome to the useless page. I wasted my time typing this, and you are currently wasting your time reading this. I have no real reason for making this page. It’s just that I have been sitting here updating the website and got a little bored. Thus this completely useless page is a result of boredom which is a result of maintenance. Can one conclude that maintenance is useless? No, I don’t think so. Wait…. I am thinking things. Wow, so this page is not just useless, it’s a projection of my thoughts, which is at the moment worthless, I think….. Ah. So we have a useless but also worthless page here. Ugh, come on. Why are you still reading! I have told you exactly 111 words ago and 39 word ahead  that you are wasting your time. Yeah, did you see what I did there? I wasted even more time by counting the words from when I told you you are wasting your time to tell you again, you are wasting you time. Are you still reading? That is crazy, you clearly have to much time on your hands. Well let me think what I can do with your attention while I still have it. I still have it right? Oh, for a moment I thought I was going to lose you, but if you are reading this, you are still with me. So since we both have a lot of time on your hands (I use the expression for the second time now. Wait, second time, why don’t we have a minute time, or hour time. We have a our time which sound the same, anyway), well technically that’s not true, I don’t own a wrist watch, but “time on our hand” was a figure of speech. But you know what I mean, because you are still reading this, and that means we understand each other. So enough talk. Stap nou, werk later….”

-Hanno Lamprechts, 2017 – 2019


Any attempt to improve upon this will only take away from the experience of reading this.

-De Wet Denkema, 2019 – 2022


– Lise Prinsloo, 2023- present