(As of 18 August 2020)


1.1.1. Berg- en Toer Club (Mountain and Tour Club)


2.1.1. To organize mountain climbing excursions, hiking tours and camps and thereby nurturing a love for nature and the land.


3.1. At least one of the following criteria will apply in order to qualify as a member of the club:

3.1.1. Must be a student of the U.S. or a staff member or their spouse of said institution.

3.1.2. In exceptional cases, the executive committee can allow any other person as a member, after they have received a written application of motivation. Those that succeed will be obligated to sign an indemnity form at registration (See Addendum 1).

3.2. Registration of members happens annually, as soon as possible after the start of the academic year and in the presence of representatives that have been appointed by the management. The management annually decides on a closing date for all registrations.

3.3. Changes in membership fees are decided with a two-thirds majority at a management meeting.

3.4. The management may terminate the membership of a person whom they deem to have harmed the good name of the club or the University. Such a person will have the right to state their case to the management beforehand.


4.1. The management will have no more than a(n): Honorary president President Vice President Chairperson Vice Chairperson Treasurer Cook Cook’s assistant Editor: “StapNou!” Day Trip leader: Casual 1 Day Trip leader: Casual 2 Day Trip leader: Adventure Member for Weekend Trips: Leader 1 Member for Weekend Trips: Leader 2 Member for Mountain Hut Member for Storage and Equipment Member for Marketing Member for Computer Member for Administration Tygerberg Member for Social

4.2. Members of the management must be bona fide members of the institutions named in the

exception being the honorary president, president and vice president, who must preferably be

former or current university staff members.

4.3. The chairperson, the vice chairperson, treasurer and two members of the management

elected by the management form the executive committee and are responsible for the

preparatory work with regards to the activities of the club, with exception to day trips and

mountain hut camps.

4.4. The management is elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) by the members of the club.

4.5. Election procedure:

4.5.1. Written nominations must be handed to the vice chairperson, signed by both the nominator and a witness, at least a quarter of an hour before the election.

4.5.2. Nominations take place for specific portfolios.

4.5.3. The name of a nominee must be displayed in a prominent place at the venue of the election for at least a quarter of an hour before the commencement of the election.

4.5.4. Each nominee is given the opportunity to make a short presentation.

4.5.5. The audience may ask the nominees questions. The process will be facilitated by the election committee. The election committee has the power to refuse questions.

4.5.6. After all the presentations and questions have been completed, the members in attendance at the management election, vote for their choice per committee position on a preprinted ballot paper. In the case of a nominee having the most votes for more than one committee position, they are given the opportunity to choose their preferred position. After the nominee has exercised their choice, there will be a revote for the other position(s) said nominee had also received the most votes for. If the nominee in wants to stand for one of the positions in and thus wants to hold more than one position, they may make it known and the members may take it into consideration at the revote. Before the revote in, the election committee may accept questions to or presentations by the nominees. The election committee consists of at least one member and is appointed by the executive committee. Members of the election committee have normal voting rights. The election committee ensures that there are enough pre-printed ballot papers available, counts all the votes, announces the new members of management, facilitates the presentations done by the nominees, as well as the questions directed at the nominees from the audience and deal with all other activities with regards to the voting process at the AGM.

4.6. The tenure of the incoming management starts on a date as determined at the first joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing management.

4.7 Any vacancies that arise during the tenure of the management may be filled by the existing management or the management can co-opt to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the tenure.

4.7.1 The members must be made aware of the vacancy. If no one from the current management fills the vacancy, the following procedure must be followed: Members are given one week in which to apply, in writing, for the vacant position. The executive committee can consider the applications and can, if needed, request an applying member to come for an interview. The executive committee must then compile a shortlist of candidates to be presented to the management. They will be given one day in which to comment on the candidates. Thereafter the executive committee will make a final decision. The members must be informed of the new member of management.

4.8. Management meetings are convened at the discretion of the chairperson or at the request of two members of management.

4.9. Two-thirds of the management form a quorum at the management meeting.

4.10. At all a meeting of the management and its members, only the chairperson has a decisive



5.1. A members meeting can be convened at any time by the management.

5.2. Notices of a members meeting, with the agenda, must be placed on the main university noticeboard at least three (3) university days before the meeting. In cases where a change in the constitution is suggested, a notice must be placed at least five (5) days before and the notice must be emailed to members.

5.3. The AGM of members of the club takes place annually on a date as determined by the management.

5.4. The number of members present at a members meeting, forms a quorum.

5.5. To change the constitution, a two-thirds majority vote of the present members is required.


6.1. Notices of hiking tours, excursions and camps must be sent out via email and must be placed on main university noticeboards.

6.2. Details with regards to such excursions are subject to change by the management or relevant leader.

6.3. Participation:

6.3.1. Any member is entitled to sign up for an activity of the club. Entry to activities are regulated

by 6.3.2 – 6.3.5, subject to 6.3.6.

6.3.2. Non-US students who are members fall under the same criteria as US-members, except

that, where everything else is equal, US-members get preference. US-students who are not

members also get, where everything else is equal, preference over non-US-students who are also

not members.

6.3.3. For weekend- and day trips the order of registration determines who may go on a trip or not. Non-members may only register one university day later at a price as determined by the management.

6.3.4. At all excursions, a person may register for themselves and one other person on the condition that that person only registers for themselves and one other person and pays for themselves and the one other person at the time of registration.

6.3.5. For hiking tours, the day of registration is replaced by a period of registration for members, where the tour list is announced after that period has elapsed. The tour list is compiled according to the following ranking order. Only hiking tours or excursions participated in over the past three calendar years are considered (current year included). Non-members may register after the set  period of registration for members has elapsed. Members of management Persons with the most number of tours Where the number of tours are equal, person with the most day- and/or weekend trips Where a person has no previous tours, they will be granted a place if they have been denied a previous tour in the relevant time period. When a member’s place on a tour is confirmed with the initial announcement of the tour group and they cannot go on the tour, due to other circumstances, it is not considered a tour denied. A veteran tourist will be granted a place on a specific tour if they have been denied a

previous tour for which they registered in the relevant time period. The provision made in may not be more than 20% of the tour group at the initial

announcement of the tour group. If no other tours have been completed, the number of day- and/or weekend trips is

considered. Where the number of day- and/or weekend trips is equal, the order of registration is

considered. 20% of tour members must be first tourists. In the case of there being fewer than 20% first

tourists registering for a tour, the rest of the tour is filled with veteran tourists. 20% of the places on a tour is reserved for Tygerberg members in the case of there being

more than 20% registrations from Tygerberg members. No more than half of the 20% in may be first tourists.

6.3.6. Participants in an activity of the club commit themselves to serve on the committees to

which they have been appointed, to cooperation in general and follow the arrangements made by

the leader or the management.

6.3.7. The executive committee has the right to deviate from the normal registration system for

the following reasons: A balance between the number of women and men must be maintained on tours. A satisfactory number of experienced or approved persons, as deemed necessary by the

executive committee for the organisation and conditions of the tour, must accompany the tour.

6.3.8. The number of BTK alumni on a tour may not be more than 5% of the group (subject to

and, unless there are fewer than the maximum number of entries received.

6.3.9. The executive committee may refuse the entry of a member: If it seems that they are unwilling to keep to the decisions of the management or if the

participation of the member is not to the benefit of the tour group. If the member is older than 26 years. Subject to, the executive committee has the power to grant someone a place on a

tour if their parents are serving as tour guardians. The chairperson must consider the nature of the route in question before the beneficiary in

6.3.10 can be included, to ensure that the inclusion of that person will not be to the detriment of the

tour group

6.3.11. Members who claim back money after the end of a tour have a time period of one month

after the commencement of the next academic term to do so. Thereafter the management has no

further responsibility towards the claim.

6.3.12. Members may claim back the full amount of the tour costs under the following

circumstances: The member withdrew from the tour before the tour list was announced The member was not granted a place on a tour. The member withdrew from the tour and was later replaced by someone on the waiting list.

6.3.13. Members may claim back 50% of the tour costs under the following circumstances: The member withdraws from the tour within a reasonable time before the commencement

of the tour, with preference given to clause A reasonable time will be determined by the executive committee with the specific

circumstances of the tour and the tour member taken into consideration. A reasonable time will be determined by the executive committee with the specific circumstances of the tour and the tour member taken into consideration.

6.4. Subject to clause 6.8, the chairperson, president and any other present members of the management, take the lead on excursions of the club, excluded day trips, weekend trips and mountain hut camps. In the absence of the chairperson, the executive committee suggests candidates to act as leader and the management decides which candidate will fill the position.

6.5. Subject to clause 6.8 below, the day trip leader or person appointed by them in consultation with the executive committee shall act as leader on day trips.

6.6. Subject to clause 6.8 below, the member for weekend trips or person appointed by them in consultation with the executive committee, shall act as leader when weekend trips are undertaken.

6.7. Subject to clause 6.8 below, the member for mountain hut camps or person appointed by them in consultation with the executive committee shall act as leader at mountain hut camps.

6.8. The president has the right to take charge on excursions when they consider it necessary, with subsequent accountability to the management. The vice president acts as president at the latter’s absence.

6.9. The management appoints, as far as is possible a tour father for each tour. The tour father must preferably be the president or vice president. If neither is available it must be a competent leader, informed about the operation of the BTK. The executive committee appoints the tour guardians.

6.10. The tour leader gets 50% discount on all tours and 100% on the Gala.

6.11. The cook gets 100% discount on the Gala.

6.12. The tour guardians get 25% discount on all tours.

6.13. The executive committee reserves the right to grant a further 50% discount to any person(s) for any tour if, according to their discretion, this person fulfils a key role on the tour and it appears that the person(s) will not be able to go on the tour without the discount or if they will be at a great disadvantage if they must pay the full price.

6.13.1. It is not automatically assumed that a member of management fulfils a key role, simply because they serve on the committee.

6. 14. If the tour/excursion is subsidised, only members are subsidised.


7.1. The treasurer deals with the finances of the club in accordance with financial guidelines as set out.

7.2. The finances of the club are managed by the treasurer in accordance with the guidelines set

out by the University of Stellenbosch and submitted to the management for approval.

7.3. The administration of the University of Stellenbosch annually appoints an auditor to review the

finances of the club.


8.1. In the case of doubt as to the meaning or interpretation of any of the clauses of this

constitution or of any of the house rules, the management will act as the final arbitrator and its

decisions will be binding on all members.