Got a burning question? Drop us an email at

Or come and say hello at our office:

Our office is located on the 4th floor of the Neelsie Student Center, Stellenbosch. Our office hours are weekdays from 13:00 – 13:50. Come meet us, who knows you might get lucky and get free pancakes. We can also take calls during office hours, on 021 887 5306.

Alternatively go have a look at our facebook page. We don’t care about likes, it’s all about the hikes.


You are also welcome to contact any of the following people if you have any specific questions or requests:

Any general inquiries regarding tours, cancellations, special arrangements, the BTK overall or life inspiring advice:

Fritz Buhrmann (Chairman):
mobile: 076 878 3824

Jannes Reddig (Vice-Chairman):


Any Tygerberg inquiries regarding sign-ups, membership, transport, payments, medical issues or even emotional support:

Petro Rossouw (Tygerberg Representative)


Any inquiries regarding equipment, the hiring of tents or backpacks or any help with general cleaning tasks:

Nicholas Carroll (STOORMAN™):


Any inquiries regarding emails, memberships status, website mistakes, online entries or anything computer related – like your slow internet:

Hanno Lambrechts (Computer / IT):


Any inquiries regarding rock climbing, climbing wall, card activation or good cliff hangers:

Christopher Tonkin (Rock Climbing)


Any Berghut inquiries regarding bookings, maintenance, facilities or the lack of a hot shower :

Christiaan Van Den Heever (Berghut)


Any financial inquiries regarding tour payments, memberships fees, refunds, donations or useless legal advice:

Trudie Rust (Treasurer)


Last but not least. If you are in your third year or older and still haven’t heard about the BTK. Please send an angry email to  immediately! Schalk Marais is to blame for depriving you of wonderful opportunities to see the country, amazing life long friends, priceless memories and above all else – lame jokes (hundreds of them!!).