Science Cooperation between South Africa and Norway


South Africa / Norway Cooperation on Oceans Research

including Blue Economy, Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainable Energy (SANOCEAN)

Announcement of Norwegian Call for Applications for 2018 – 2023 Joint Projects

South Africa and Norway have had a long standing partnership supporting joint research focusing on climate change, environment and sustainable energy (known as SANCOOP). Three SANCOOP calls (2001 – 2006, 2006 – 2011, and 2013 – 2017) have been launched since the inception of this partnership. Late last year we conducted a Review of this Programme and based on the recommendations of this review, the two countries have agreed to continue the programme for another Phase (i.e. 2018 – 2023). This renewed Phase however, has been expanded to also include oceans research (and blue economy) and is now known as “SANOCEAN” (and no longer SANCOOP) which stands for “South Africa/ Norway co-operation on ocean research including blue economy, climate change, the environment and sustainable energy”.

The goal of the SANOCEAN Programme is to enhance the knowledge-based policies and decisions for sustainable development in the areas of oceans and ocean space (blue economy), environment (with emphasis on oceans and pollution), climate change and sustainable energy in South Africa and Norway. Its main focus is to strengthen, in a sustainable way, quality research and capacity building in the partner countries, both at institutional and individual levels. Special emphasis will be put on ensuring the participation of the South African Historically Disadvantaged Institutions (HDI) in the Programme. On a wider scale, the Programme aims to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


All joint proposals must be submitted by the Norwegian Principal Investigator (PI) through the Research Council of Norway (RCN).

Therefore, the NRF online system will not be open for this call.

Detailed information on this call including the call guideline can be accessed through the following link:

The South African PIs of successful projects will be contacted directly by the NRF and will be requested to submit their proposals on the NRF Online Submission System through a closed call.

Key dates:

Call closes: 25 April 2018 at 13:00 CET

NRF Contacts:

Teuns Phahlamohlaka

International Relations and Cooperation

Tel: +27 12 481 4385


Mr Stephen Dlamini

Grants Management and Systems Administration

Tel: +27 12 481 4037


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