Hang out with your Dean – Diversity Week 2014

The Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert (FVZS) Institute for Student Leadership Development presented an event for deans and students to have some honest and open discussions on 30 September 2014 as part of the Diversity Week 2014.

 The “Hang out with your Dean” event encouraged students to share their views on issues such as diversity, inclusivity and welcoming culture.

 At the table where Prof Sonia Human, Dean of the Faculty of Law interacted with students, there was open discussion, friendly debate and collective problem solving, writes Emily van der Merwe, law student and coordinator of the Discourse Cafés at the FVZS Institute.

Well-known for her approachable manner and willingness to interact with students, Human made the most of the opportunity by not only answering, but also asking some questions of the law students around her table.

Topics of discussion ranged from the faculty’s language policy, theoretical vs. practical approach, the value of legal pedagogy and the need for critical discussion among students. Human enquired whether the faculty’s “welcoming culture” was up to scratch, to which the students replied that the law faculty is perhaps the most welcoming and inclusive of all faculties, due to the many social opportunities on offer. The value of mentorship within the faculty was emphasised by the students.

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