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All student accommodation enquiries regarding undergraduate residences and/or private accredited accommodation enquiries.


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How do I apply for residence placement?

Residence applications form part of the general application for admission to Stellenbosch University. Visit to apply online.

When do the residence applications close?

Residence applications close on 31 July and unfortunately, we do not accept any late applications.

What are the chances of being placed in the residence of your choice?

Applications for a place in residence exceed that which we can accommodate. This is why we cannot guarantee that you will receive a place in a residence or a place in a residence of your choice as space is limited and subjected to a selection process.         

I applied for a programme on the Tygerberg campus, may I still apply for residence on the Stellenbosch campus?

No, but if your first study choice is subject to an extensive selection process (such as a programme in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), you may select a second study choice offered on the Stellenbosch campus as well. In this way, you will still be considered for residence placement on the Stellenbosch campus, even if you are not accepted for your first study choice.

On the application form you will also be given the opportunity to apply for residence placement on the Tygerberg campus, should you be accepted for a programme in Health Science.

How far is Tygerberg from the main campus in Stellenbosch?

Tygerberg campus is situated 45 km from the Stellenbosch campus.

When will I receive feedback regarding my placement at Tygerberg Campus?

Residence placements on the Tygerberg campus only occur once the selection process has been finalised.

I am accepted for BAgric (Elsenburg). Can I be allocated to a residence on the Stellenbosch campus?

BAgric (Elsenburg) students apply for residence placement at Elsenburg, where the programme is offered.

By when will I know if I have been placed in a residence?

The placement process will be finalised by 31 October. By that time, you should know whether or not you have received a place in residence. If your application was unsuccessful, we will confirm this after 31 October.

What is the main criteria for residence placement?

The University uses academic performance as the main consideration of first-year residence offers on Stellenbosch campus.

Offers in this category depend on your Grade 11 final exam results if you apply in your Grade 12 year.

Is there any other criteria for placement?

The Placement Office also considers criteria such as the diversity profile of students, placements of students with bursaries (based on financial need), sports placements, rector’s discretionary placements, students in extended degree programmes and students with physical disabilities that impacts their mobility.

What happens if I receive a place in residence?

You will receive a reservation offer requesting you to pay an acceptance amount of R5 100 within 30 calendar days,  Note, however, that you have not been placed in any specific residence at this stage.          

I cannot afford the acceptance amount within the given time frame?

Should the University not receive your acceptance amount by the stipulated deadline, we will assume that your application for residence placement may be cancelled. Your application status on will then change to “cancelled”.

I am in the process of applying for financial assistance, will the accepted amount be waived?

If you receive financial assistance based on financial need, you can request to be                                        exempted from the acceptance fee and, when you have proof of your bursary, be                                reconsidered for placement based on places available.

My reservation offer has been cancelled, what can I do?

Please send an email to or call the Contact and Client Service Center on 021 808 9111.

By when will I know in which specific residence I have been placed?

Placement usually takes place in September. The residence in which you are placed will appear on under your application status, and a confirmation letter will be sent to you.  If, at any stage, you are no longer interested in receiving a place in residence, please cancel your application by sending an e-mail to

I am not placed in the residence of my choice can I request to be transferred?

Place in residence is limited, and this is why we cannot guarantee that you will receive a placement in the residence of your choice. We aim to promote diversity and to have an even spread of students from                         diverse backgrounds across all our residences. Therefore, we follow the                         guidelines in our residence placement policy and will unfortunately not be                         able to consider any transfers to other residences.

Do I have an advantage if any of my family members studied at SU?

The University treats former Maties’ student children the same as all others students and does not give preference based on alumni status.

I would like to be allocated to a single room, is it possible?

There are NO single rooms available for first-years, except in Majuba and Metanoia.

Can I bring my car to campus, is there parking available at the residence?

There is very little parking space on campus. Senior students have preference when residence and street parking bays are allocated.

What happens if I do not receive a place in a residence?

If you have not received a reserved or confirmed place in residence by 31 October, your application was unsuccessful. We will confirm this by early November. You would now be able to register on the waiting list. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a place in residence or your residence of choice at this late stage. Places are very limited, and we strongly recommend that you also consider private accommodation options. > accommodation > private accommodation

Where do I apply for the 1 November waiting list?

Go to and click on “Waiting list”. This is the only place where you will be able to register or deregister for the waiting list.

What is a PSO?

Students who do not stay in residence are automatically allocated to a Private Students’ Organisation (PSO) ward. PSO wards participate in all cultural, social and sports activities of the University, and are also allocated to clusters along with residences. Please note that these private wards do not supply accommodation but ensure that PSO students are included in all university activities.

I prefer to stay private, are there any alternative options available?

If you are looking for private accommodation, you can visit for more information on private accredited accommodation. 

I have cancelled my reservation/placement will my deposit be refunded?

If you cancel on or before 31 October, the University will reimburse you the full acceptance amount. If you cancel after 31 October, the University will charge a cancellation fee. If you cancel later than a week after the release of the NSC results at the beginning of the registration year, you will, unfortunately, forfeit the full acceptance amount.