Support Services

Disability Unit, Centre for Student Counselling and Development

The Disability Unit (DU) offers a range of services to students with disabilities. We advise prospective students with disabilities about the possible support once at SU. We discuss appropriate academic support solutions and ensure that academic material is accessible for study, test and exam purposes. The DU also offers a curriculum recognised Lead with Disability programme for students.  Chat with us about further disability-related uncertainties by reaching us at Follow us on the Disability Unit Facebook page Visit us at 39 Victoria Street, House Simon Nkoli Huis, Stellenbosch.





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Which disabilities does the Disability Unit support?

We support all disabilities and special needs, where possible. We do our utmost best to accommodate students with disabilities.

Is support or special accommodations automatically transferable from school or matric?

No, these are not automatically transferable. When you start your academic career at the University, you should submit a new application that follows the guidelines of the University. Once registered, log onto to find the Tests and Exams information under Studies. Go to the section that notes extra writing time. You will find documentation there that must be completed by you, your faculty and your practitioner.

Will noting a disability exclude me from being accepted?

Your application will be considered on merit together with all other received applications. You will have to note your disability and specific learning support needs if you want these to be taken into consideration when you apply.

If I have applied to other universities as well and included a bursary application form in those applications, will the bursary application be sent to SU automatically?

No. The transfer is not automatic between universities. Please complete a bursary application to accompany your application at SU.

Do you assess people for a disability or special need?

No, we do not. We will ask you for a record or history of your condition.

If I have never been diagnosed or assessed before and am not sure whether I could be assisted, what can I do?

Make an appointment to see an SU counsellor at the Centre for Student Counselling and Development, who will be able to provide you with a way forward.

If I have a disability, what academic support is available?

This varies, depending on your disability and the specific support you require. Possible academic support includes changing your lecture venues if they are not physically accessible; the use of software that can read and write your texts; applying for test and exam concessions; and adapted print.  

What assistive technology is available to use and access reading material?

We have the following software available: reading software (such as JAWS), Braille translation software (such as Duxbury), magnification software (such as ZoomText) as well as reading and writing software (such as WYNN and Read & Write).

Does the Disability Unit support students with disabilities with funding?

No, the Disability Unit provides students with information on bursaries and funding opportunities, and on bursaries when funding becomes available.

What disability-specific bursaries are there for students with disabilities?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) offers funding to students with disabilities. The scheme provides funding for assistive devices, meals, tuition, transport, human support and accommodations. Blind SA also provides visually impaired students with funding assistance. For additional assistance, visit SU’s Bursary Office in the Admin A building on the Stellenbosch Campus.