Peter Ryan in his natural habitat: an uninhabited seabird island in the South Atlantic, photograph by Norman Glass Professor Peter Geoffrey Ryan, since 2014 Director of the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at South Africa’s University of Cape Town has been inducted into UCT’s prestigious College of Fellows at a ceremony and dinner held […]


It is with great pleasure to announce that the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa project has received a South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) Grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF) for the period of January 2018 to December 2020. South Africans have played a considerable role in conducting scientific research in the Antarctic region. […]

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Yet another successful voyage into the sub-Antarctic waters. Yesterday, 11 October 2017, the Gough 62 Overwintering Team (see table below) returned safely from Gough Island. They left behind their medic, Tom McSherry, who will be replaced in January 2018. The welcoming ceremony was opened with a prayer by the chaplain of the take-over voyage, Sybrandt […]

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Collection of: Anché Louw (Müller) Overwinter Team: Marion 70 (M70) Overwinter Job Description: Field Assistant (Stellenbosch University – Botanist) Take-overs: 2011 and 2016 Number of photos in the collection: 254 Keywords for this collection include: Fieldwork, parties, base life, field huts, landscapes, team members, hut food, Christmas and many more. How to get to this […]


South Africa National Heritage month is celebrated during September and with International Polar week falling in the same month, ALSA came up with a perfect “celebration slogan”: Celebrating South Africa’s Polar Heritage. ALSA will be celebrating South Africa’s Polar Heritage in collaboration with the JS Gericke Library, Stellenbosch University and Iziko Museum of South Africa, […]


See review below: I’d like to thank you for your efforts in keeping the ALSA website, especially the photo archives. I’m a post-doc researcher at the Nelson Mandela University, working on the health of seabirds at Marion Island and SANAE. Over the last few years (and even before then, when I was already working on […]

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On Thursday, 07 September 2017, the ship will depart for Gough Island, where she will leave the new overwintering team. The new team went through a few weeks of team training, involving firefighting, cooking classes, team building etc. (see team activity photos below). The team is now fully prepared for their 13 months on this […]

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From left Marthán Bester, Ria Olivier and Anché Louw tuck into the dessert course ALSA hosted one of ALSA Manager Ria Olivier’s excellent two-course office lunches this week when marine mammalogist Marthán Bester visited Stellenbosch University from Pretoria for a two-day session with over 700 of his slides taken on Gough and Marion Islands in years […]

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The South African Department of Environmental Affairs has the responsibility to manage the Prince Edward Islands (PEIs) as a Special Nature Reserve under the National Environment Management Protected Areas Act (NEMPAA 2013). According to NEMPAA 2013, the Department may establish an advisory committee to assist the Department with the management and conservation of the PEIs. […]


The full collection of expedition teams going down to South Africa’s Antarctic Research stations, since 1960 until 2016, are now available on our website. We encourage all previous expedition members to send us a higher resolution version of your team photos for archival purposes.   Anché Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, Department of Botany […]