Prof Juana Coetzee

Associate Professor/Medeprofessor

BA, LLB, LLM, LLD (Stell)




Prof Juana Coetzee joined the faculty in January 1999 after having practised as an attorney. She specialises in International Sales Law, more specifically methods of unification and standardisation, such as the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and Incoterms. The theme of her doctoral dissertation was “Incoterms as form of standardisation in international sales law:  an analysis of the interplay between mercantile custom and substantive sales law with specific reference to the passing of risk”.  For purposes of her research, she was a visiting scholar at UNCITRAL in Vienna Austria, as well as the Clark Center for International Legal Studies at Cornell Law School in the USA. She teaches international business transactions on LLM level and Transportation Law on LLB level.  At undergraduate level, she also teaches service courses in Mercantile Law for the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.


Prof Juana Coetzee het in 1999 by die fakulteit aangesluit nadat sy as prokureur gepraktiseer het. Sy spesialiseer in Internasionale Koopreg, meer spesifiek die unifikasie en standaardisering daarvan soos die Weense Koopkonvensie (CISG) and Incoterms. Die titel van haar doktorale proefskrif was  “Incoterms as form of standardisation in international sales law:  an analysis of the interplay between mercantile custom and substantive sales law with specific reference to the passing of risk”. Vir hierdie projek het sy navorsing gedoen by UNCITRAL in Wenen, Oostenryk, asook die Clark Center for International Legal Studies by die Cornell Law School in die VSA. Sy onderrig internasionale besigheidstransaksies op LLM vlak en Vervoerreg op LLB vlak.  Voorgraads is sy ook betrokke by die onderrig van Handelsreg dienskursusse in die Fakulteit Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe.

Fields of specialisation

International Sales Law


Law of Contract

Areas van belangstelling

Internasionale Koopreg



Modules taught

LLM: International Business Transactions
LLB: Transportation Law
BAcc: General Principles of Contract Law; Specific Contracts; Law of Insolvency; Negotiable Instruments

Modules aangebied

LLM: Internasionale Besigheidstransaksies
LLB: Vervoerreg
BRek: Algemene Beginsels van Kontraktereg, Spesifieke Kontrakte, Insolvensiereg, Verhandelbare Instrumente


Journal articles/Joernaalartikels 

  • Coetzee J “Incoterms and the Standardisation of the International Sales Law” in D Saidov (ed) Research Handbook on International and Comparative Sale of Goods (Edward Elgar: Research Handbooks in Private and Commercial Law series) (forthcoming September 2019).
  • Coetzee J “A pluralist approach to the law of international sales” (2017) 20 PELJ.
  • Coetzee J “Trade usage: Still law made by merchants for merchants?” (2016) 28 (1) SA Merc LJ 85-111.
  • Coetzee J “The role and function of trade usage in modern international sales law” Unif Law Rev (2015) 20 (2-3) 243-270.
  • Coetzee J “CISG and Regional Sales Law: Friends or Foes?” (2015) 2(1) JLSD 29-47.
  • Coetzee J “The Interplay between Incoterms and the CISG” (2013) 32(1) JL & Com.
  • Coetzee J “Incoterms variants: greater precision or more uncertainty?” (2013) 2 De Jure.
  • Coetzee J “Incoterms 2010: codified mercantile custom or standard contract terms?” (2012) 3 Stell L Rev.
  • Coetzee J “The Case for Economic Hardship in South Africa: Lessons to be learnt from international practice and economic theory” (2011) 36(2) JJS 1-24.
  • Coetzee J “Incoterms and the Lex Mercatoria” (2010) 12 UNIBRASIL Cadernos da Escola de Direito e Relações Internacionais <>.
  • Coetzee J “Securing the Future of Electronic Sales in the Context of International Sales” (2007) 11 VJ 11.
  • Coetzee J & de Gama MM “Harmonisation of Sales Law: An International and Regional Perspective” (2006) 10 VJ 15.
  • Coetzee J “The Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts: Creating an International Legal Framework for Electronic Contracting” (2006) 18(3) SA Merc LJ 245.
  • Coetzee J “Making the Documentary Game a Paperless Game: a Legal Perspective on Electronic Transport Documents in the Context of International Sales” 2004 Speculum Juris 266.
  • Coetzee J “The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act: Facilitating Electronic Commerce” 2003 Stell LR 501.
  • Coetzee J “Incoterms, Electronic Data Interchange and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002″ (2003) 1 SA Merc LJ 1.
  • Coetzee J “Electronic Commerce from a South African Perspective: the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2003″ 2002 (5) The Africa Section Newsletter of the Association of American Law Schools 20.
  • Coetzee J “Incoterms: Development and Legal Nature” a brief overview” (2002) 1 Stell LR 115.
  • Coetzee J “Die Veronderstelling en Gemeenskaplike Dwaling” (2001) 1 Stell LR 40.
  • Lubbe GF & Coetzee J “Dwaling en Vertrouensbeskerming by eleksie en ander eensydige regshandelinge” 1990 TSAR 60.

Papers delivered/Referate gelewer 

  • “Incoterms and the Standardisation of the International Sales Law” Paper delivered at ‘Unity and Diversity in the Law of the International Sale of Goods’, conference held at Dickson Spoon School of Law; Kings College, London, 16 & 17 April 2018.
  • “CISG and Regional Sales Law: Friends or Foes?” Paper delivered at The Use of UNCITRAL Instruments to Promote Regional Harmonization, conference held by UNISA College of Law, UNCITRAL and the Centre of Studies on Regional Integration and Southern African Development Community Law of the University Eduardo Mondlane, Mocambique, Untundla Lodge, Dinokeng, South Africa, 26-27 May 2014.
  • “The harmonisation function of mercantile custom in the context of international sales with specific reference to trade terms” Paper delivered at the SA Law Teachers Conference held at US, Stellenbosch, on 17-20 January 2011.
  • “Transport Documentation in an Electronic Age” Paper delivered at The Law and E-Commerce Conference held at US, Stellenbosch on 30 April 2003.
  • Incoterms and the Computer Age” Paper delivered at the Fourth Annual Mercantile Law Conference 2000, held on 13 October 2000 at UWC, Bellville.

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