Dr Enelia Jansen van Rensburg

Senior Lecturer/ Senior Dosent

  • E-mail/E-pos: enelia@sun.ac.za




Enelia Jansen van Rensburg is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mercantile Law, Stellenbosch University.

After completion of BA (Law) cum laude and LLB cum laude degrees at Stellenbosch University, Enelia joined a firm of attorneys, where she completed her articles of clerkship and worked as a practicing attorney. Subsequently she obtained a LL.M (Tax) degree at Cape Town University whilst working at the tax advisory group of an international professional services firm, first in Cape Town and then in Melbourne, Australia. She later joined the University of Melbourne, where she taught on the law of taxation.

Enelia subsequently started lecturing at Stellenbosch University and also obtained a LL.D degree at the University of Pretoria. Her dissertation deals with an aspect of international tax law.

Modules taught

LLB program: Company Law, Law of Contract, Law of Taxation

LLM: International tax law

B.Com degrees: Company Law

Fields of specialisation

Company Law, Income Tax Law, International Tax Law

Enelia Jansen van Rensburg is ‘n senior dosent verbonde aan die Departement Handelsreg, Universiteit van Stellenbosch.

Na die verwerwing van die grade BA (Regte) cum laude en LLB cum laude aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, sluit Enelia by ‘n regsfirma aan waar sy haar klerkskap voltooi en as ʼn praktiserende prokureer werk. Hierna verwerf sy ‘n LL.M (Belasting)-graad aan die Universiteit van Kaapstad terwyl sy by die belastingraadgewende groep van ‘n internasionale professionele dienstefirma, eers in Kaapstad en daarna in Melbourne, Australië, werk. Sy sluit later by die Universiteit van Melbourne aan waar sy in belastingreg doseer.

Enelia begin hierna by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch doseer en verwerf ook ‘n LL.D graad aan die Universiteit van Pretoria. Haar verhandeling handel oor ‘n aspek van internasionale belastingreg.

Modules aangebied

LLB-program: Maatskappyereg, Kontraktereg, Belastingreg

LLM: Internasionale belastingreg

B.Com-grade: Maatskappyereg

Areas van belangstelling

Maatskappyereg, Inkomstebelastingreg en Internasionale belastingreg.


Publications/ Publikasies

Chapter in book/ Hoofstuk in boek 

  • Jansen van Rensburg E “Income taxes in the Cape Colony: A story of dangerous beasts and murderous fathers” in J Hatting, J Roeleveld & C West (eds) Income Tax in South Africa: The First 100 Years 1914-2014 (2016) 25-53, Cape Town: Juta and Co Ltd.

Journal articles/ Joernaal artikels 

  • Jansen van Rensburg E “The Origins and Development of the General Deduction Formula in Income Tax Legislation of the Cape Colony” (2015) 27 South African Mercantile Law Journal 92-127.
  • Jansen van Rensburg E “Some Thoughts on the Meaning of ‘Expenditure’ in the Income Tax Act” (2013) Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg 58-73.
  • Jansen van Rensburg E “Commissioner, South African Revenue Service v Brummeria Renaissance (Pty) Ltd and Others: Does the Judgement Benefit an Understanding of the Concept ‘Amount’?” (2008) 19 Stellenbosch Law Review 34-50.
  • Jansen van Rensburg E “Share Value Shifting: a Comparison between the Anti-Avoidance Provisions in South African and Australian Tax Legislation” (2007) 18 Stellenbosch Law Review 288-312.

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