Prof Philip Sutherland


B Comm. LLB (Stell) Ph.D. (Edinburgh)




Prof Philip Sutherland se navorsing en onderrig fokus veral op maatskappyereg, mededingingsreg en versekeringsreg. Hy is onlangs aangewys as lid van die Raad van Finansiële Dienste in Suid-Afrika. Prof Philip Sutherland has a wide spectrum of interests. His research and teaching is focused mainly on company law, competition law and insurance law. His expertise was recently formally recognised by his appointment as member of the Council of Financial Services.

Area van belangstelling

Beperking van handelsvryheid, maatskappyereg, mededingingsreg

 Fields of specialisation

Restraint of trade, company law, competition law

Modules aangebied

LLB: Maatskappyereg, Beslote Korporasies, Gevorderde Maatskappye, Mededingingsreg
LLM: Mededingingsreg
BComm: Handelsreg 381 (Maatskappye, Beslote korporasies, trusts en vennootskappe)

 Modules taught

LLB: Mercantile Law 471
(Company Law, Closed Corporations and Partnerships)
Mercantile Law 444 (Advanced Company Law)
Mercantile Law 445 (Competition Law)
LLM: Contractual Restrictions on the Freedom of Trade
Advanced Company Law
BComm: Mercantile Law 381
(Companies, closed corporations, trusts and partnerships)

Publikasies / Publications

  • Sutherland PJ “Steel and propane: The efficiency defence and horizontal mergers” South African Law Journal 2008; 125(1) 331 – 370
  • Sutherland PJ “Ensuring contractual fairness in consumer contracts after Barkhuizen v Napier 2007 5 SA 323 (CC)” Stellenbosch Law Review 2008 1(19) 390 – 414
  • Sutherland PJ “Insurance Law” Annual Survey of South African Law 2006; 540 – 565
  • Sutherland PJ “Competition Law of South Africa” LexisNexis Butterworths Durban 2006: 604pp
  • Sutherland PJ “Suedafrika” Handbuch des internationalen GmbH-Rechts, Zerb Verlag, Angelbachtal, Germany 2006: 1619 – 1716
  • Sutherland PJ “Third-party Contracts” European Contract Law Scots and South African Perspectives, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh United Kingdom 2006: 203 – 229

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