Connections from the Past

Memories from the past available through preservation – and we are once again reminded of this by the passing of SANAE 2 team member.

ALSA receives many emails from previous team members of SANAE, Marion and Gough. These are mostly of members wanting to come in contact with past team members. The worldwide web and social media makes it possible to reconnect with our past. It also makes it possible to share news with one another.

We recently received a message that one of the SANAE 2 team members, Hennie Liebenberg, passed away (09 February 1936 – 22 May 2019).

. Unfortunately Hennie has not been able to connect with all his past team members, but he will remain part of the Antarctic Legacy of South Africa. We would like to express our deepest condolences to Hennie’s family, friends and SANAE 2 team members.


Official Team Photo


Vertrou die ywer vir navorsing duur voort …… – I believe the drive for research is still ongoing…..

….is daar enige register of kontaknommers van SANAE 1,2,3 lede wat iewers bestaan  – … there a contact list for SANAE 1,2,3 memebers available.

……maar graag sal ek met ou baarde n bietjie gesprek voer! – ………but I would like to chat to those old beards!

(Excerpt of mail received via Marthan Bester)

Unfortunately not many images of Hennie are available on the ALSA archive, but we would like to share the following ones with you.


Arrive at Antarctica:

The relief overwintering team arriving at Antarctica. They relief the first South African team at the Norway base.  – Photo:Chris De Weerdt



Left behind on Antarctica:

Team members from SANAE 2 on the ice shelf sending off the departing ship with SANAE 1 on their way back to South Africa – Photo:Chris De Weerdt


If you have any images or stories that can be added to the ALSA archive, you are welcome to contact me (


Cover photo caption: SANAE  2 members onboard the RSA, preparing to leave the ice. Back: Johan van der Westhuizen, John Viljoen, Paul van As, Ronnie Plotkin, Piet Voges, Willie Jacobs, Hennie Liebenberg. Front: Anton Swanevelder, Barrie Butt, Dick Bonnema. Photo: Lautenbach, E. E. G., Dr.

Ria Olivier, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University, 05 June 2019

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